The Curious Case of Hanley Ramirez


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In all seriousness, what the fuck? Hanley was one of my favorite Red Sox these past couple years. Being forced to root for assholes like David Price, Jackie Bradley JR, Dustin Pedroia, and Steven Wright these couple years, sue me for liking the guy who’s been known for his lack of effort these last couple years. But when the Red Sox designated him for assignment, I was shocked to say the least. His numbers in 177 at bats up to that point were okay to say the least, better than that crap show of a center fielder JBJ. 

Apparently, Hanley’s .254 batting average and 6 home runs were worse than JBJ’s .189 BA and 4 Home runs. I’m not a baseball wiz but I know a useless player when I see one. The Hanley situation didn’t make sense. You could give Blake Swihart a chance at a big league career somewhere else by shipping him off somewhere and getting something in return, maybe a better replacement at second baseman, or even a prospect, what do I care. Hanley hits better than Christian Vazquez, and Sandy Leon is even hitting a bit better than Vazquez.

My point is, you could drop another scrub instead of Hanley. Hanley showed up for big games against the Yankees, and in last years ALDS, was hitting .571. No seriously, what the fuck. We need another good batter. Yes, we have JD Martinez but one man can’t carry this team to the world series. He’ll need help. And keeping Bradley along with other bums and not giving him help will only frustrate our star more in the postseason. Giving up Hanley might be a mistake considering we have no trading chips to get another bat. It won’t hurt you until next year when you have to pay him big money. Keeping him for this year wouldn’t have been as awful as the Sox thought it was gonna be. Why let go of a player that could help you in the postseason? Why aren’t other teams picking him up? Lord knows he can can provide some batting for other teams in the hunt.

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I’m gonna miss #WinTitsRepeat (credit to Jared Carrabis)


And if you thought this blog was going to be about his fentanyl allegations, apparently the guy who was caught with the fentanyl and 7 grams of crack name dropped Ramirez to get out of trouble. Ramirez had nothing to do with it. But if it turns out he’s actually part of the case, better believe my ass is on the case.

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