Red Sox Have it Easy

chris sale

The Number 1 team in the American League’s road to the playoffs just got incredibly easy.

In their next 17 games, the opponent with the highest winning percentage are the 41-47 Blue Jays. The next highest are the 40-51 Tigers. Then the 39-51 Rangers. Then, the Tigers and so on and so forth. You get the Jackson Pollock picture I’m painting you. These loser teams they’re facing seems all to easy for them. No real test.

Now I get that they didn’t make the schedule but still. Against teams currently in the playoff picture, the Red Sox have a 12-11 record against top teams in both the AL and NL.  I get it, they still have another 72 games to play where they can go against elite teams. I just don’t think this team is all that much better than last years team. Something tells me that one of their gutless receivers will make a big mistake, or the hitters can’t hit a fucking beach ball. Maybe David Price shits his pants!

Maybe I’m just overreacting and should just enjoy the best team in baseball do their thing. I get that its a lackluster part of the schedule where they’re just trying to get to the break and take it easy. I should just revisit this post in September and see how they’ve faired since this. Maybe they’re still atop the AL or maybe they’ve faltered into the gutter and are a bunch of whinny babies. I’m not Nostradamus so I won’t predict. But these upcoming stretch is a piece of cake and should be easy for them to handle business. But with the Rockies and Mariners coming in the next 17 or so games for the Astros, at least they are somewhat being challenged.

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