Should The Steelers Pay Le’Veon Bell?


You’ve heard the news that Le’Veon Bell turned down a monstrous contract from the Steelers to gamble on himself in the upcoming 2018 NFL season. The offer was worth $70 million over the next five years. $33 million of that deal were guaranteed and to be mostly paid through the first two years per Ian Rapport of Over the 5 years of the contract, Bell would be paid $14 million a year, which would make him the highest paid running back in the NFL. But what does he want?

Bell reportedly wants $17 million a year. That is just dumb. Yes he is a valuable part of the offense but lets face it, the Steelers can find multiple running backs for cheaper who can do the same work as Le’Veon. According to Football Outsiders, he is the 5th most valued running back in the league. Take it with a grain of salt because of all people, Dion Lewis is number one on that list. But a lot of the people on the list aren’t even making that much, yet, they’re producing a good amount for their teams.

A tiny issue I have with Bell is his injuries. His groin injury in a 2016 playoff loss and a torn MCL kind of bothers me. He has one of the biggest workloads in the league and eventually, like all running backs, will catch up to him. He’s 26 right now so a 5 year contract seems a bit ridiculous but 4 years would make sense since running backs in their 30’s are known to decline in play. Every time they get the ball they get destroyed, they block linebackers, sometimes linemen, and other defensive players.

All I’m trying to say is do not, in under any circumstance, pay a running back like that $17 million a year. There are talents suck as Alvin Kamara out there tearing it up for under $1 million a year. Steelers can do without him since they have Antonio Brown, Big Ben, and whatever amazing receiver they decide to find this year.

Get someone for a lower price next year because they’re always out there.

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