Manny Machado to the Dodgers


The NL West leading Dodgers just got a whole lot better this year. The Dodgers traded five prospects, including Yusniel Diaz who is a highly touted prospect for possibly a one year rental in Manny Machado. Why would they trade a top prospect who would help in the future for an uncertainty like Machado?

Machado is going to be a deadly part of the Dodgers’ middle of the lineup. They’re already top 10 in a lot of offensive categories and are taking on Machado who’s having one of his best seasons with a .315 BA and 24 home runs, which would lead the Dodgers in both categories.

Currently, The Dodgers are 5th in the NL with 4.7 runs per game. If they want to get back to the World Series, they have to compete with The Cubs who lead the NL with 5.1, and The Braves with 4.8, who are 3rd. This move will bump the Dodgers numbers up and when they get Yasiel Puig back from injury their defense will be better. The only negative about this trade would be Machado’s defense at shortstop is bad but his bat should make up for what he lacks in skills at shortstop.

The Dodgers will be more of a complete team with a NL leading ERA of 3.49. They get a big bat and will hopefully be better in the infield. This Machado deal is a win for the Dodgers and will most likely be top 2 in the NL and will likely be competing for a World Series in late October.

Author: Chief

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