Tobias Harris Turns Down Contract Extension from Clippers


Tobias Harris was just offered an $80 million contract extension from the Clippers per David Aldridge of That’s all fine and dandy, he wants to try the market next year. Hell, he even had a career year! But whats stupid is this poor bastard thinks he’s worth a 5 year/$188 million max from the Clippers, or him leaving to somewhere else he could be eligible for a 4 year/$145.5 million elsewhere. HA!

Holy shit, if this guy really thinks he’s worth this much he must be using the same drugs Rick James was using. Yes he did average a career best 19.3 ppg, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and a good 47% Field goal percentage. Sounds like a solid player, a good second option or a third option on a good team. But at age 26, he’s not gonna get much better. Theres no way he’s worth $30 million a year. Bad contracts aren’t worth just taking up some cap space. You could give some of that money to Lou Williams who’s proven he can be a good scorer off the bench at this point of his career.

The Clippers could possibly be in the running for Kawhi next year, since LA is a big attraction for him. So pairing Kawhi with Tobias Harris is like pairing a really good wine with a really shitty cheeseburger from McDonalds. It makes no sense. The Clippers can’t be dumb enough to spend all that money on the Dollar Tree version of LeBron. Sorry for any of the tens of Tobias Harris fans I’ve offended. But this guy has to know he’s not that good.

This type of deal would be a more extreme version of the Chandler Parsons situation. As some of you may remember, Parsons received a 4 year/$94 million contract from the Grizzlies a couple years ago. I obviously don’t want the guy to get injured. But he’s not an iron man either. He’s played all 82 games in a season once in his career. . I’m not saying Harris is garbage, but he’s garbage compared to the contract he would have to live up to.

The NBA is getting so popular now and the money is racking up. This is the second coming of the Golden era and Harris is just another footnote in this history, but if he is lucky enough to fool  dumb GM, then he will become significant in the NBA history, not because of his play, but because a schmuck like him got a steal of  contract. Do you really want to pay that big contract to a 26 year old who has already been on four teams in his NBA career?

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