The Red Sox Lose Out on Another Reliever

Last Night, the Red Sox lost their last chance to add an elite relief pitcher to help improve their bullpen of gutless bums. To add to the pain, they lost to a hopeless Orioles team that has nothing to live for. Britton went to the Yankees for almost a steal. What the hell Sox? What are we doing here?


Zach britton was traded for a bunch of nobles, or to use other terms, two sex toys and a bag of chips. They traded away a Yankee 9th ranked prospect, a 15th ranked prospect, and another that doesn’t even rank in their top 30! At some point you have to revaluate what you have, and what your competitors have, and then slap yourself on the face.

Lets start with the Athletics. They’re two and a half games behind the Mariners for the last wild card spot. They just added Jeurys Familia to their bullpen, which is sure to make it way better than it was before. His 2.88 ERA for some reason reassures me more than any of the Red Sox relief pitchers’ ERA is, no matter how low their’s are.

As we look to our AL East rival Yankees, those sons of bitches got better too. They had the hard part of the schedule in the beginning, unlike The Red Sox. The Red Sox have future series with the Yankees, Braves, Phillies, Indians, and Astros; I’m not so sure they can get through that bulk and still be on top of the division with the lack of bullpen security they have. Their offense is fine for the time being, Martinez is expected to hit pretty good these last two months of the regular season.

The Yankees already add to their top of the league relief staff, while the Astros look to stand pat. Houston’s ERA total is top of the league stuff which I don’t see Boston competing with. Maybe I’m just pacifistic when it comes to this stuff but the Astros are competing in a tougher division at the moment than the Sox. With 4 good teams there (yes the Angels are good, they’re just under performing), theres a battle every night there, and yet, there ERA is elite pitching like we haven’t scene in a while.. But in the AL east, the Red Sox beat on the Orioles 83% of the time, the Rays 69%, and the Blue Jays 76% of the time. Theres no competition which makes me put an asterisk next to their record. they have a losing record against the Yankees giving up 5.4 runs per game to the Yankees.

Look, theres still have 59 games to go, so we’ll see how that nutless bullpen does these next few weeks. God knows I’m curious about it.


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