What do These New Contracts Mean for Aaron Donald?

Rams defensive end Aaron Donald

Defensive End Aaron Donald must be pissed; and for good reason. His teammate Todd Gurley just got paid big time, making him the highest paid back in the NFL with a 4 year/$60 million contract extension. Oh did I forget to mention $45 million of that is guaranteed? Not even Forrest Gump in his prime would think to be paid that money. And as for Brandin Cooks? Well, this of all things is just the frosting on the cake.

Cooks, who hasn’t played a single down for the team, signed a 5 year $81 million contract. Donald, who’s been with the team for four years, play sixty-two out of sixty-four possible games. The 27 year-old DE has done nothing but give 100% out on the field. Just last season alone, he’s tied eleventh in the league in sacks with eleven. He was even second in the league in forced fumbles. Ndamukong Suh isn’t even top 50 in sacks, and forcing only two fumbles. The reason I bring up Suh, Donald’s new teammate, is because he was given $14 million for just a year of service, instead of giving Donald a piece of it.

The Rams look to be going all in this year, but don’t realize they’ll eventually have to pay Jared Goff a handsome extension as well. Where will they get the money to pay Donaldson? In the past 10 years, the only super star running back to win a Super Bowl was Lynch (recalling from memory), so why pay Gurley a ridiculous amount when running backs aren’t as valuable right now, unless its a running back as talented as Le’Veon Bell, even then, I wouldn’t pay him top of the roster money.

The Rams need to prioritize Donald. Having a core defensive veteran like him who puts it out on the defensive line can make any lower tier defensive back play harder, make it easier for the defense to be better. But, The Rams are damaging their relationship with their player and don’t seem to have the money he wants or should be owed. Once again, Loyalty is thrown out the window.


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