Red Sox Aquire Starter


In my article from yesterday, I bash the Red Sox for not doing enough to get Zach Britton, or even a reliever. Instead of getting a reliever, they get another starting pitcher in a trade with Tampa Bay. But this starter has some experience in the bullpen too.

Nathan Eovaldi… what a way to spell a name, I had to double and triple check to spell that shitty name. Anyway, he’s a decent pitcher who’s pitched in the AL East for 3 years, so the Yankees aren’t strangers to him. With Price crapping his pants during any series vs The Yankees, Eovaldi could hopefully provide a pair of nuts to take on the evil empire. His 4.26 ERA kind of scares me but he’s only had 10 starts, plus, Price has a 4.17 ERA so whatever!

Eovaldi has also had some experience in the bullpen. Once in 2011 for the Dodgers and the other in 2016 with the Yankees. Its not much but enough for when October comes around and the size of the rotation gets smaller. I wouldn’t give Dombrowski applause yet for this move, but it moves Brian Johnson to the bullpen and when Rodriguez comes back from his spring, and if Pomeranz is still shaky, it’ll give the Red Sox more room to manage and give them many options they didn’t have previous. Plus it only cost them a 15th ranked prospect from their farm system. Dombrowski still says there might be another trade, which I wouldn’t be surprised of.

Its now or never. Lets hope this rental is worth it.

Author: Chief

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