J.A. Happ to be Traded to the Yankees


Yankees find another way to get better. As the Yankees got better this past week by acquiring Zach Britton, they of course get better again. With 4.5 games behind the AL East lead, the Yankees look stacked against the red Sox.

The Yankees picked up J.A. Happ from the Toronto Blue Jays for two nobodies. With an upcoming 4 game series against the Sox next week, the Yankees look to give them fits with Happ. In his career against the Sox, Happ has gone 7-4 with a 2.98 ERA against them. Yes, Mookie Betts did hit a grand slam on him during a start this season, but it was part of 5 unearned runs. He’s a pitcher who’s seen a good amount in the AL East and could potentially help the Yankees with their 11-11 record against the awful Orioles and Tampa Bay. Happ’s 1.57 ERA and 2-1 record against both teams could possibly solve a problem they have been dealing with all season: Not kicking the opponent’s ass.

Happ has had some crappy starts lately but we’ll see if pitching for the Yankees rejuvenate something in him. But if I’m a Sox fan, I’d be scared. The Yankees’ main problem was their starting pitching and now that they’re added a reliable arm with some good experience against heated division rivals, the Yankees could very well take advantage of the Red Sox having a strong schedule coming up and the Yankees past that part of their schedule. But Aaron Judge’s recent wrist injury could bite them in the ass. We’ll see how the evil empire holds.


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