Atlanta Hawks Lowering Concession Stand Prices Should Inspire Other Teams


Let me give credit where credit is due. I give Atlanta a lot of shit on my podcast. I call them the butthole of the United States. Atlanta has the worst basketball fans and their teams lose every big game they’re in. But this story I read the other day touched my heart.

In a story done by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Hawks CEO Steve Kooning is lowering the prices on some concession stand items, acknowledging the success of The Atlanta Falcons and their concession prices at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. $2 bottled water, $4 souvenir refillable cup, $3 pizza slice, $6 chicken tender basket with fries; folks, I might cry. Whenever I go to a Celtics game with my girlfriend, I expect to spend at least $30 on food. Two of the tender baskets with fries cost $20 all together. And you might as well get the souvenir cup because a regular soda, which is like $4, is the size of a kids drink at McDonald’s. So along with the Souvenir cup, it’s a total of around $32, which leaves me tucking my wallet away in chains in my pocket so I don’t spend anything on shirts and other merchandise.

I don’t drink at the games, but a damn beer is around $9. How is a dad going to relax and have a cold brew when he has to take out another mortgage just to get a little buzzed or have some fun? The $9 is almost unimaginable, especially at a Red Sox games. Speaking of the Sox, they are the highest average cost to attend in all of baseball. For a family of four, a day out in the ballpark will cost parents $337. For some, that’s a weeks paycheck. The Red Sox try to seem like they’re for the family but a burger costs $8. If lowered to $4, I might be inclined to buy a souvenir from one of their overcrowded shops. The Sox tried to lower prices, but by lowering the prices, they made the beer cups smaller and portions smaller, just how my beloved Celtics did. Boston is getting ridiculous.

The average cost of attending a Cowboys game is $634 (higher in the NFL). And in the NBA, the loser franchise Knicks have the most expensive cost to attend a game at $608. The NHL’s highest, if you really care, which I know you don’t, are the Maple Leafs with $631.

If stadiums/teams are worried about losing money on lowering prices on food, I get it. But spending so much money on tickets alone will keep people from buying merchandise. But lowering the food prices could help people want to buy $100 jerseys or $40 worth of stuff from the pro shops.

“Sources say that the Falcons sold a lot more volume compared to their last season in the Georgia Dome, but they lost money on the deal. But the money lost was negligible and the value pricing helped make money everywhere else.” Rovell couldn’t have put that sentence in a more beautiful way. Us broke people will spend our money at your events, just lower the fucking food prices!


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