Carson Went Looks Ready To Start Week 1


Carson Wentz will presumably be the starting quarterback for the reigning champion Eagles once the season starts in week 1. On September 9th, almost nine months after his season ending knee injury, Wentz will go against the Falcons in a rematch of last years Divisional Round game. How will he fare?

Well, when QBs come off major injuries, history isn’t so kind to them. Take the goat, Tom Brady for example. His 2009 campaign wasn’t too kind. He went 10-6 and lost to the Ravens in the wildcard round. That was a dark time in Patriots history.

Joe Flacco tore his acl in 2015 and the following season had an 8-8 record, throwing 20 touchdowns. Want more proof QB’s initially struggle after such injuries? Philip Rivers, after making it to the AFC Championship game, his team went 8-8 the next year to make it a disappointing season. RG3… need I say more?

But theres of course are exceptions. Carson Palmer went 13-3 in his season following his injury. And former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb went back to the NFC Championship game the following year. So there is hope.

Fantasy owners… Wentz finished 5th in fantasy points with three games left to play and easily would have finished second if he played those last games. For me, I hope he gets over the mental game that comes with that sort of injury. Since Wentz seems tougher than most, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and expect him to have a good-to-great season.



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