MLB Attendance is Down… Shocker


Thank you for joining me the day Astroworld drops people. Means a lot.

Listen, Im not the biggest baseball fan. I’m more of a “I know the rules and most of the stars and semi-stars” type of fan. I don’t know a lot, but what I do know is baseball is as boring as watching a Patriots game in the Divisional round (tomato can games; shout out to Dan Shaughnessy). But nothing beats a day at the ballpark, right?

According to Forbes, attendance is down 6.5%  league-wide from last year. They note weather could be one of the reasons. As early in the season, first pitch was under 40 degrees for 35 games in April alone. Rain has been a bitch with 37 postponements. Mother Nature must be a basketball fan.

Anyways, Marlin’s and Blue Jays’ parks are huge but suck dick at putting asses in seats. The teams are ass and look to stay that way for years. But their lack of asses in seats are part of the reason why attendance is down this year.

You know what else is causing this? How expensive game tickets have gotten. The Smart people at Team Marketing Report have done the math and the cost to attend a game is officially up 2.7%. Another reason could be how pricey it is to attend a game. The Red Sox, my hometown team, is one of the priciest in the league with an average of $337 for a family of 4 to attend the game. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t account for parking spot prices or train tickets which can be an absolute gut-shot.

My day at the park with my father was unforgettable. From screaming at stupid Yankees fans who were sipping alcohol out of a sippy cup (that was not a joke, it did happen), to eating Fenway franks, it was unforgettable but made me entertain the thought of taking out a second mortgage on the house. Red Sox are seeing decent drops in attendance (see Forbes article).

I don’t really know how to fix the problems because I don’t do that work for a living. But if they can somehow control the weather and (not sarcastically) fix how much it costs to go to a game, then you’ll see a new, broke generation (my generation) come to the games. If not, the MLB will see its attendance decline and the sport die out, making the rumors true: Baseball is slowly dying.


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