Goodell Wanted Brady to Rat Out Equipment Guys from Deflategate


One of the crazy things about the 2016 season for Tom Brady was the move that tested Brady’s friendship and trust with the Patriot’s equipment guys. Commissioner Roger Goodell wanted Brady to put all the blame on Equipment guys John Jastremski and Jim McNally, saying they acted without Brady’s knowledge. And like the Wise Guy he is, he didn’t snitch like a boss.

The mob would of loved this guy. Brady, the football junkie he is, would do anything to play football. He would have paid $1 million just to play, but Roger Goodell wanted to wet his beak more and throw others under the bus. But Brady decided he didn’t want to throw the equipment guys under the bus. And like the dip shit Goodell is, he gave Brady a harsher suspension than he gives players who beat the living hell out of their girlfriends.

Listen, I’m not one of those dumb Patriots fans who think the Commissioner is out to get The Patriots. He did the team a solid for spy gate by destroying the tapes, now he can’t be so leniant with his punishment. So Brady deserved some type of punishment. Maybe a game or two would have sufficed but whats done is done, and a Super Bowl came out of that so I’m not even mad.

Look, I understand Goodell has a job to do. He had to punish someone and integrity of the game was important. Fans of the NFL, owners, coaches, players, you name it. Everyone wanted a suspension handed down and someone to blame. But never test Brady’s ability to not be a snitch. Robert De Niro’s character from Goodfellas would recruit this guy in a fricken heartbeat.

This information comes from a recently released book titled “12: The Inside Story of Tom Brady’s Fight for Redemption.” 


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