NBA Opening Night is Expected to begin October 16th

Bill Streicher / USA Today Sports

The NBA season is finally near. We NBA fans have been waiting for this since the final buzzer sounded and the snake KD hoisted another trophy, which as of now, deserves an asterisk. But should there be improvements to these opening night matchups?

The opening night games are expected to include the 76ers vs Celtics, and the Warriors vs OKC.

To be honest, I’m nervous about the Celtics game. Last years season opener didn’t go too good for the Celtics when their newly signed free agent star Gordon Hayward broke his leg after an awkward fall from an alley oop attempt (fuck you Jae Crowder). It changed the narrative immediately from the Celtics being called contenders to not even making the playoffs. But Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, along with the other stars changed that narrative. And now, the Celtics looked as stacked as ever looking to teach a young talented team like the 76ers who has the bigger balls. Don’t get me wrong, Embiid and Simmons scare me but I believe the Celtics will have one of the best offenses and defenses in the NBA. Plus, they beat the team 4-1 in a playoff series without Hayward or Kyrie. I would get into more detail but I won’t because we’ll do an NBA season preview next month.

The Warriors vs OKC matchup does not intrigue me. Theres a lot of confusion there for me and I feel like they could have picked a more jam packed matchup like Rockets vs Warriors, a rematch of the Western Conference Finals, two teams surely that will meet there again. OKC has a boring offense with two star players who fail to make their teammates better. They’re a 4th seed at best. The Warriors are a different juggernaut so I won’t even get into that. I wanted a Heat vs Celtics in 2010 type matchup, where all the NBA were watching a conference finals preview. OKC is a first round loss waiting to happen.

The difference in matchups for me is the bad blood. At this point, OKC will never beat the Warriors in any series. The Warriors are on a different level and OKC is a team with a dull offense and the KD vs Russell narrative is boring, unless punches or shoves happen. With the 76ers vs Celtics, Embiid talks more shit than almost anyone in the league. Rosier punched him in the face, he tries to punk Baynes because Baynes shut him down, and the 76ers vs Celtics is a classic rivalry from back in the day brought back to present day, and thank god. The 76ers and the Raptors are the only team who have a chance to beat the Celtics and go to the Finals. Chance, I can’t emphasize that enough. CHANCE.

But I’m just being picky. Believe me, I’ll be at Buffalo Wild Wings watching these games either way. I’m getting bored of training camp and shitty baseball highlights. I need the Celtics, I need Draymond Green to be called out for being a bitch, I want to see if Melo turns into a bum or not I want all of this shot straight into my veins people and if you’re not excited, what the hell does it take?


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