Red Sox Sweep Yanks

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So I’ll admit, I was wrong about this team. The Red Sox are the best team in baseball and I will now recognize it. For awhile, I felt like it was just the Astros who were the big shots in baseball with only them as the guys not to mess with. But after the Red Sox beat a 3rd place AL team/rival into a pulp over the weekend in a 4 game series, I’m glad I’m wrong.

From Benintendi, to Pearce, Betts, and even Eovaldi, the Red Sox looked dominate. Red Sox kicked the crap out of the Yankees and theres no doubt about it. Pearce hit 4 home runs in a 2 game stretch during the series. I’m not going to lie, the injuries in this series bummed me out. I wanted to see Sale vs Stanton and Judge. But what can you do?

Next man up is always something people say in sports. Theres no excuse. It was suppose to be one of the best bullpens in the league vs the Red Sox’s best team in years. But to sweep a great team in a 4 game series deserves recognition from someone who put an asterisk on the teams record. Don’t get me wrong, until they get past the first round, it’ll still be there but I’ll erase some of it because the Red Sox have made a mockery of their opponents as of late; winning 8 of there last 10.

The Yankees on the other hand, showed no signs of getting up from the blows the Sox delivered to them. Stanton had some shitty swings at balls that looked hittable. The team dogged it on some plays. You can’t help but think Stanton knows this team blows without Judge, the starting rotation sucks, Chapman always craps his pants against the Sox. Boone also looks like a mellow robot who doesn’t seem to have the trust of the clubhouse.  Things aren’t looking good in paradise after Cashman talked shit about the Sox not doing good vs the Yankees.

The Sox need to do good in this upcoming month and a half of the schedule. With the Astros, Indians, Phillies, Braves, and Yankees lurking in this part of the schedule, if the Red Sox pull off a winning record against these teams, it’ll blow my fucking mind and I’ll pick them to win the World Series. But I need to see the Sox beat these teams not just in the regular season, but in the playoffs. I need the bullpen in high pressure situations and see what they’re made of, since a bullpen determines how your postseason goes.

This team is practically the same as last year, but the energy is different. Can the Sox exercise some demons? This series suggests they can.

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