“My Favorite Player is _________”

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Credit: Nick Collins

Starting next week, the Hold My Drink Sports crew will be partaking in a series about our favorite players.  As we’ve said from the start, we are all fans.  We love sports, and part of that is wanting to talk about what we see.  But we think it would be cool if you saw who we like the the most, and how that makes us the fans we are today.

We all have that special moment from our childhood of a player that made us think anything was possible.  Maybe it was David Ortiz hitting a homerun at a game you went to, or watching Steph Curry hit 3 after 3 while watching the Golden State Warriors.  Nevertheless, if you’ve been a fan of this site (and sports), there is someone who you truly root for.

So get ready, and feel free to share too! With each article, we’ll role out the hashtag, something we encourage you to do as well.  Whenever you see a post, you’ll see #MyFavoritePlayerIs as well.  We would love to see everyone use this hashtag, and from there we can expand the discussion to you guys as well!  WE’RE ALL FANS HERE!


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Author: Nick Collins

Boston sports fan sharing his love for sports and perspectives as a fan

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