What we Learned: Week 2 NFL Edition

Eli realizing his line sucks

Welcome back everyone to this weeks edition of what we learned! This week from the Giants sucking, to how in the world Hue Jackson is still a coach. Honestly, this week didn’t look like it would be filled with drama but I was wr… wro… wrong. God, how did I see that without pulling a muscle? Anyway, lets dive into week 2!

1. How the hell is Hue Jackson still a coach?

hue jackson
David Richard / AP

1-32-1. Now I’m not saying I could do better. I understand being a coach in any professional sports would be tough, but how the hell do you suck that bad? Yes, his players weren’t that good, but I’m sure you can manage to scrap out 2 or 3 more wins. Give Belichick this team and it’ll go 4-12, maybe I’m being generous but he turned the Browns into a playoff team once, who knows what he could do a second time around?

Another worthy note of what a dink Jackson is, he traded Josh Gordon, arguably his best receiver on the team, because he was late and “not acting like himself” at the team facility. Your team sucks enough already so you give away a great receiver for a 5th rounder because he wasn’t himself one day? If that isn’t a kick to the nuts to Cleveland fans, I don’t know what is. Granted, he tweaked his hamstring at a promotional video shoot and that is irresponsible, but let’s not act like this is the worst thing in the world. Like when players get in trouble with the law and get no repercussions from their team (Dallas Cowboys *cough cough *). Fire this man and give some other sap the chance to make the Browns relevant again!

2. Kickers Suck

Sporting News

Well, you may have already known kickers absolutely blow. The fragile minds of kickers is comical. They’re probably just as fragile as any baseball player to ever exist. First of all, Zane Gonzalez is probably never going to get another kicking job after his sorry performance. This guy went 2 for 4 on field goals and missed 2 extra points. He ended up costing the game for the Browns in what would have been their first win since the 2016 season. Costing your team 8 points alone should have you being shamed. He got cut soon after the game, poor guy, work harder I guess? But I’m not just going to be mentioning Gonzalez, let me get into other kickers.

Daniel Carlson missed 2 attempts at game winning field goals in overtime. The Vikings traded up to draft this guy in the 5thround! What a war room during draft time when one of your priorities was to draft a kicker, the most sensitive player on the field. Now, he’s been waived and replaced with Dan Bailey.

Ka’imi Fairbairn missed a field goal in a 3-point loss, Mason Crosby missed one to seal the game, and even Gostkowski missed one.Get rid of the kickers and let’s force teams to take a two-point conversion to keep me entertained instead of sorry kicking. There were other kicking blunders but you get my point.

3. The Steelers look like they’re dying

mike tomlin
Peter G. Aiken / Getty Images

In a shootout loss to the Chiefs, the pervy QB Roethlisberger managed to look like a slob while throwing for 452 yards. Le’Veon Bell doesn’t look like he’s walking through the doors anytime soon, and Antonio Brown is also seeming to be fed up. After tweeting to be traded on twitter, reports have surfaced that Brown skipped work Monday. The Steelers look like they’re crumbling, and until they get all these divas together and choose to be one with the team, they’ll be a joke to the league and Tomlin will probably be fired. Maybe I’m just salty I drafted Bell on my fantasy team, but still, screw this team.

Antonio Brown managing to look like a idiot

4. Eli Manning is trash

This man beat the Patriots twice… let that sink in

When the lights are bright and the world is watching, Eli Manning always seems to rip out the hearts of Patriots fans everywhere.  But that man is no more. The Giants haven’t scored more than 15 points yet this season. Yes, I know Beckham is still trying to get acclimated in the offense after his season ending ankle injury last year, but the receiver has played 96% of the offensive snaps so far, this season and has little to nothing to show for it after signing a 5-year, $95 million contract this year. Not to mention, their expensive lineman blow. But still, Manning is the leader of the team and needs to do better than 15 points. Maybe he should think about throwing more than 5 yards, or using his expensive wide receiver?

5. The Bears Defense looks elite

Aaron Rodgers might have destroyed this defense last week, but you still have to look at these disgusting numbers. 5 forced fumbles, 10 sacks, and 2 pick-sixes. Khalil Mack looks to be worth the lost so far, wreaking havoc all over the field. Granted, they did this to a Seahawks team that isn’t the potential dynasty they once were, but Russell Wilson is a great QB who couldn’t escape the Bear’s claws. Hopefully they keep this up enough to make their matchup with the Patriots more interesting and give Tom Brady and Josh Gordon a test.

Bonus learning moment!!!!

NFL: AUG 30 Preseason - Bills at Bears

Folks we have a bonus for you! Vontae Davis quit mid way through the Bills’ 20-31 loss to the Chargers. David literally retired at halftime after taking himself out of the game prior to that. Even though he quit, he still got paid! About $2 million. Not bad for playing 1 and a half game right?

He Released a statement after:

“I meant no disrespect to my teammates and my coaches. But I hold myself to a standard. Mentally, I always expect myself to play at a high level. But physically, I know that isn’t possible, and I had an honest moment with myself. While I was on the field, I just didn’t feel right, and I told the coaches, ‘I’m not feeling like myself.’

“I also wondered, Do I want to keep sacrificing? And truthfully, I do not because the season is long, and it’s more important for me and my family to walk away healthy than to willfully embrace the warrior mentality and limp away too late.”

Well, you are labeled a quitter now! No turning back at this point without looking like a jackass.


Well, that’s all folks! Be sure to join me next Tuesday for the week 3 version of this segment!



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