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Ahhhh, Tom Brady taking the field against The Colts is a tale as old as time. From his first start against Peyton Manning to tonight against Andrew Luck, Tom Brady probably knows the Colts just as much as he knows the Patriots. He probably hates them more than anything for Deflategate (I’m not getting into that). But let’s take a shallow dip into Brady vs Colts.

On September 30th of 2001 is when the ‘rivalry’ began between the Colts and Patriots that would span a little over a decade. Patriots won against the Colts 44-13, throwing for 168 yards and no touchdowns. Pretty crappy stat line, but winning by 31 cures all; as well as seeing Manning throw 2 pick sixes. From then on, The Patriots, led by Tom Brady, dominated their matchups.

With regular season and playoff matches included from 2001 until 2010 (Manning’s last season with the Colts), Brady went 8-4 against the colts with an average of 236 yards per game, 22  total touchdowns, 12 interceptions, and a completion percentage average of 66.80% over those 12 games. Manning’s stats were an average of 311 yards per game, 26 total touchdowns, 19 interceptions, and a competition percentage of 67.45%. Do you see where I’m getting at?

As nice as Manning’s stats are, I can’t let go of the 19 interceptions. Brady’s numbers pale in comparison to Manning’s, and yet, in crunch time, he didn’t choke. He wasn’t known for that in big games. Calm and cool as the other side of the pillow, Tom helped lead his team to an 8-4 record against the Manning led Colts. Even if his stats don’t look as dominant, at the end of the day, that 8-4 is all that matters (so does having 7 less INTs than your rival).

“Manning lost the game”

Enough about that Nationwide weirdo, let’s move onto another Colts QB with a disappointing history against the Tom Brady led Patriots. Andrew Luck might go 0-6 vs the Patriots for his career if he loses tonight. He hasn’t been so hot in the postseason or regular season against them; including a 45-7 ass kicking in the AFC Championship game *twitches uncontrollably trying not to bring up deflategate.*  Andrew Luck’s 0-5 record is followed by throwing for an average of 281 yards per game, 9 total touchdowns, 10 INTs, and an average completion percentage of 51%.

Against Andrew Luck’s Colts, Brady throws an average of 264 yards per game, has 11 total touchdowns, 4 INTs, and an average completion percentage of 62.3%. Again, the calm cool and collected Brady has thrown significantly less INTs then an Indy QB. No matter what, it seems that the Colts can’t rattle the 5x champion. I understand that some games include an amazing rushing performance by bums like Legarrette Blount or Jonas Gray, so the Colts end up shooting themselves for worrying about Brady too much and not realizing he has no problem relying on his teammates to do the job for him, which is why his stats are usually down against the Colts.

The Colts whenever they play the Patriots 

Brady’s career 14-4 overall record (1 win came against something called a Dan Orlovsky but he doesn’t matter) against the Colts is something I marvel at. Such dominance, and they dare call it a rivalry. Yes both teams may hate one another, but until the Colts can win a couple games against the Patriots, no rivalry here folks. Lets just take in a classic Patriots vs Colts beatdown.


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