What we Learned: Week 5 NFL edition

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Last week was for the most part uneventful and had nothing interesting for me to learn other than how dumb the Seahawks looked for not trading Earl Thomas. But any who, lets get back to it. From Drew Brees breaking records to The Chiefs looking legit, let’s get cracking!

Drew Brees

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints
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In a Monday night football matchup against The Redskins, Brees broke Peyton Manning’s record for most passing yards in NFL history. Now, in my humble opinion, sometimes records don’t mean shit. I could care less about most touchdowns in a season, or rushing records, etc. But I’m giving it a pass on this rare occasion. Brees has won only 1 Super Bowl in his career but I think people overlook winning once due to Brady, Roethlisberger, and Peyton winning multiple Super Bowls. Brees also never had the luxury of having weapons and good defenses like some of those guys. So to have the all time record is pretty impressive knowing Brees has to put up ridiculous numbers every time he steps onto the field. Brees is up their with the all time greats, whether you like it or not. So hats off to that crazy bastard!

Chiefs show NFL who’s Daddy (for now)

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To be honest, I thought Patrick Mahomes was going to suck and the Chiefs were going to be 5-11 and fire Andy Reid. But here they are at 5-0 with a chance to come into Foxboro and send the Patriots to a 3-3 start.

Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Kermit Mahomes (look up a clip of the guy talking, sounds exactly like Kermit the Frog). Those kinds of weapons are exactly what killed one of the best defenses in the league; The Jacksonville Jaguars. So if that’s what they can do along with a defense that forced 5 turnovers, look out Foxboro because this might be time to shit bricks. If the Chiefs can pull this one off, they would have wins over the Chargers, Steelers, a win at mile high, The Patriots, and the fierce Jaguars. How is that not impressive given that they don’t even have a great Safety in Eric Berry back yet?

The Eagles’ Running Backs have an Injury Problem

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Injuries suck and as much as I hate the Eagles, I never want to see someone injured. And unfortunately, Jay Ajayi tore his acl. Ajayi is a decent RB who could get it into the end zone and was a good option to have considering Darren Sproles has a hamstring injury and is a fossil at 35 years old, Corey Clement has a quad injury, Wendell Smallwood who hasn’t given us enough to even judge him, and whatever the hell a Josh Adams is. The running back position isn’t looking too hot and now they’re seeing if LeSean McCoy would be available in a trade with Buffalo. I’m not sure McCoy would be anything other than another body, considering he only has 234 total yards this season. A kid with a clubfoot would be a better option.

The Atlanta Falcons’ Season Looks Like it’s in the Crapper

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With injuries to safeties Keanu Neal, Ricardo Allen, and LB Deion Jones, the Falcons season looks dead after a 1-4 start. Losing any star defensive player will cut a lot out of the potential of your defense, but losing 3 players is like getting 3 nut shots in a row. Say goodbye to your season Atlanta fans because with a shitty defense, and Matt Ryan not knowing Julio Jones is on his team (Jones has yet to record a TD), a team that looked to go back to the playoffs now try to climb out of a deep hole cause by the injury bug.

OBJ Looks like a Jackass Again


Odell Beckham Jr doesn’t know how to keep it professional. From punching equipment, to going to Miami, to now opening his mouth and speaking ill about his quarterback. Now let’s state the obvious, OBJ is a one in a lifetime exciting talent who has amazing talent, and Eli Manning is a bag of dog crap. But you keep that in house or don’t say it at all. Plus, why would you sign such a long term contract with such a shitty team when you can move onto a better situation with probably the same money?

In an interview, when asked if Eli Manning was the problem, OBJ responded that he didn’t know and said the Giants lacked heart. Pump the breaks Odell. You’re already bad reputation is getting in the way of people recognizing your talent. With his talent he’s under everyone’s microscope. I genuinely hope he does well and doesn’t become the next Terrell Owens. But it looks like he’s headed that way. Jackass move after jackass move.

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