What we Learned Week 6

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The NFL is a weird place. One day QBs are elite then one day they turn into garbage for a year or two straight. Nevertheless, pretty entertaining week! Let’s take a shallow dip into some things we learned!

Tyreek Hill Needs to Grow a Pair

John Sleezer/The Kansas City Star

In the Chiefs’ 43-40 loss to the Patriots, Hill ran to the stands after scoring one of his three touchdowns and obviously was not received well. Fans flipped him off and one even threw beer at the guy. Now, Hill wants the fam to be prosecuted.

What the hell did you expect? A bouquet of flowers? And who is Hill to want to prosecute someone over just a beer throw? If athletes wanted every fan that threw beer at them prosecuted, there’d be no fans left! But this piece of manure thinks he’s one above all. Listen, throwing beer at Hill is deserved. The guy shouldn’t even be playing in the league after the shit he’s pulled off. Scum of the earth. I’m not gonna get into the details, but click on the highlighted link for the gruesome details.

Grow some balls, Hill.

The Bills QB Situation is Garbage

Kevin Jairaj/USA Today Sports

Listen, I think they’ve found the guy and I believe that The Bills being good makes for the NFL being good. They’re good for football! But man oh man these sorry bastards can’t catch a break. Just when we think they found someone after years and years of searching for a QB that doesn’t shit his pants throwing the ball, they get injured. Josh Allen injures his elbow during their loss to the Texans. Reports say it might take weeks until he’s ready.

Elbow injuries are serious. I hit my elbow on the side of the table and I wasn’t the same. Obviously I’m not an NFL QB or anything and my elbow won’t make or break me, just telling you guys about my injuries. DON’T JUDGE!

Back to reality, sorry I had a breakdown mid post. Any who, who the fuck wants to see Nathan Peterman take over the QB position? Or Derek Anderson? You might as well put a hamster under center and you’ll get more production!

Marcus Mariota Looks Like Crap



I get he’s had injuries and that always derails someone’s career but man I really want Mariota to do good but Jesus. I don’t watch a lot of Titans football and I don’t know if his receivers are piles of dildos, but no excuses to have played in 5 games and have only one game where you passed for more than 129 yards. Mariota needs to step it up because he’ll just end up like an RG3 or any other QB who after a couple injuries, died out. Maybe giving him a defensive oriented coach in Vrabel was a mistake? Only time will tell!

Jon Gruden Blows

The Raiders are a mess. They’re a drunk girl who says she’s fine but is actually crying for help. Wow, that got really dark. Anyways, The Raiders are 1-5 with a trash defense and now they want to trade Amari Cooper. Fuck it, let’s just trade Carr to. And oh you know what, let’s throw in other receivers and have a fucking bake sale with your most talented players! If you read that in a George Costanza voice you have a VIP seat in heaven.

The Raiders coach might be in over his head. He doesn’t have the teams he once had in the Raiders and Bucs. The game has changed drastically and the Raiders just wanted a name instead of someone who has had more experience in this current league. Let’s hope something changed and the Raiders don’t turn into shit for another decade again.

After Pleading Last Week with OBJ, He is STILL a Jackass

Last week I was hoping OBJ would be good and not be a fucking jackass for one week! But I was being greedy and asking for too much it seems because he decides to punch an Air conditioner on the sideline after being frustrated with the team play.

Jesus Christ man. Everything around you is being dissected and you just go around being an idiot. Whether black or white, anyone doing this looks like a bitch who can’t keep their emotions in check. People who says that non athletes wouldn’t get it are just making up excuses for being a hot head in a sport where you need to keep your cool at all times, especially being the star! I’m not giving up on Odell, but I’m not going to be surprised if he pulls a stunt again. Even the team owner John Mara says he needs to do a “little less talking.” Even though the dipshit signed him to a huge contract.

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