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Who to watch this coming week? The weeks not done but based on performance from this week so far, the writers at Hold My Drink Sports would like to tell you one good player from this week and one bad player from this week. Simple? Let’s get into it.

Kerm- Kemba Walker

I’m convinced Kemba Walker is the shiftiest human being alive. Yes you got your Kyries, and your Currys and Chris Pauls but Kemba just dances in a way that keeps you mesmerized. As of right now the Charlotte Hornets are below .500 but Kemba’s 29 points per game are the perfect indicator of why you should be watching the Hornets anytime they’re available on league pass.

Lance Stephenson

Jordan Johnson/ Getty Images

Lance Stephenson is the Bizarro version of LeBron James. Does he have the same basketball IQ? Hell no. The same level of Unfathomable athleticism? Hell no. But if you squint hard enough he kinda looks like Bron on a fast break…until he tries to throw a behind the back lob pass. Lance is an unpredictable beacon of pure energy. Whether it’s in a game that he wins for the Lakers down the stretch or one of his Shaqtin-a-Fool performances, I can always expect an all out performance from him. That right there is something I can’t say about King James.

Andy – Kenny Golladay – bad

Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Mr. Golladay started the year off hot with 400+ receiving yards and 3 touchdowns but has been a huge disappointment since coming off bye in week 6. With the trade deadline passed, we now have a new landscape in the NFL and Golladay has been directly affected. With the number 1 target in Golden Tate shipped off to philly, look to see smooth moves Golladay to pony up this week even with the not so easy matchup with the Vikings

Christian Mccaffery

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Young Christian has been a stud for the panthers this year. He’s proved over and over that he can be their bell cow back in both the passing game and the ground. He’s a versatile back who can reach the end zone. His only setback from being legendary is cam Newton’s prowess in his QB option runs and Greg Olsen eating up targets. Watch him this week as he destroys the

weakest defense in the league, the Tampa bay buccaneers

Nick- Doing Good: Kyrie Irving

John Tlumacki/Boston Globe
The haters said that Kyrie’s “chronic” knee injuries had ruined his career, but maybe it was just his afro (which hurts me to say, because I loved it). Since Kyrie cut his hair, he has had scoring nights of 31 and 28, his highest two scoring outputs of the season.
With the afro (6 games) = 14 PPG
Without the afro (2 games) = 29.5 PPG
Kyrie has his feet under him, and this is only the beginning. Stay tuned
When to watch:
Boston @ Indiana (Saturday, 7:00 PM)
Boston @ Denver (Monday, 9:00 PM)
Boston @ Phoenix (Thursday, 9:00 PM)
Needs Improvement: Rob Gronkowski
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images
Gronk has not been Gronk in 2018. Since catching a touchdown in the first possession of the 2018 season, he has a total of 0 touchdowns; 123 of his 448 receiving yards  this season (about 27%) were in Week 1 against Houston as well. When Gronk is healthy and plays double-digit games in a season, he has never scored less than 8 TDs. We’ve seen this season his back has been an issue, and maybe rest is the solution  moving forward, but simply put, Gronk has been more of a decoy than anything thus far.
When to watch
Green Bay @ New England (Sunday, 8:20 PM)
Fredy – LeBron James
Juan Ocampo/Getty Images
Although he has a squad of dumbasses, LeBron continues to tear up the field. He’s averaging 31 ppg the past 3 games in-spite of his teams woes. He’s always someone to keep an eye on but still, you can’t help but keep admiring him on this early Crap start Lakers team. He’s practically a walking triple double. He has upcoming games against tough opponents in the Blazers, Raptors, and Wolves. A true early season stretch!
Bad – John Gruden
Via NBC Sports
I know he’s not a player but man this guy fucking sucks. His team just lost to the 49ers 34-3 without God himself; Jimmy G. Now that the fire sale is over, and the house is burnt down, the Raiders look like a worse team than the Browns. Trading away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper for a couple of 1st rounders is wild and bold. They’ve kept Carr. It’s the equivalent of only keeping the living room in tact when you’re trying to tear your house down and rebuild. 1-7 smh.
The only redeeming quality is have 3 first rounders this coming draft and 2 the year after. Their next game is probably another loss to the Chargers on the 11th.
Well that’s our article! Thank you and enjoy next weeks article!

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