What we Learned Week 9

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Another NFL week is in the books, and for that, another edition of What we Learned! From someone catching their first TD of the season to Nathan Peterman, let’s get the ball rolling!

Julio Jones Finally Caught a Touchdown

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4 score and 7 years later, and Julio Jones finally caught a touchdown from the skeleton of Matt Ryan. He hasn’t caught a TD since week 12 of last year. It’s been about 13 regular season games since then. I think David Price was still a dipshit at that point.

Jones isn’t even having a bad season either. He’s at 993 receiving yards with 60 receptions. With a 4-4 start to the season, the Falcons have a 31% chance to make it to the playoffs. Atlanta is an exciting team, but badly injured on defense; if they can produce on offense enough to where it makes up for the defense, they can make some noise in the second half of the season (like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady do year after year).

The Saints are Legit

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I’m probably the only person in America who hasn’t believed in the 7-1 Saints yet. But can you blame me? They haven’t had a decent defense since 2009 and hadn’t shown me much in the beginning of the season to tell me otherwise.

That being said, they took down an 8-0 Rams team who looked like they might remain undefeated all the way to the Super Bowl. Somehow, someway, Drew Brees went toe to toe with Goliath and won an 80 point shootout 45-35. Kamara showed up and had 3 touchdowns. Neither team played defense for shit but screw that, right? At the end, the Saints got a much needed stop at the end of the game, and that’s all that matters. Let’s just hope they don’t give up 48 points to Fitzmagic again! Until then, Saints are up there with the Rams, Chiefs, and Patriots (ehhh) as Super Bowl contenders.

Panthers Trying to be Sneaky

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I see you Cam Newton! Keep in mind, Newton hasn’t had this good of a season since winning the MVP in 2015. But now, he trusts his weapons more and is being careful with the ball. Overall, he looks more comfortable with their offense, thanks to their offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Turner has limited Cams rushing yards to 342 yards, keeping him more in the pocket, and avoiding danger. Hey they’re 6-2, and have a healthy QB, whatever it takes right?

Newton is on pace to throw 8 interceptions this season (would be career low). He also has rising star Christian McCaffrey who is following up his rookie campaign with a just as impressive season this year. He showed his worth in their playoff loss to New Orleans in January and is looking like the Panthers version of James White.

Their defense is about middle of the pack so that is enough to keep them in games. They’re not contenders yet, but if they continue impressing like they have been this season and can get Devin Funchess going like last season, this could be that team that can have the grit to take on the Saints and Rams. Time will tell though.

Nathan Peterman Still Sucks

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What the hell are the Bills doing? I know they don’t have much of a choice since their prized rookie Josh Allen went down Oct. 14th and isn’t looking to comeback until November 25th (my birthday bitches). But man you’re telling me no one out their is better? Like not even Stevie Wonder?

In 8 career games, Peterman has thrown 3 TDs to teammates and 3 touchdowns to opponents. Do you know how bad you must be if that’s a stat you’re most known for? Why don’t they get a decent backup who threw 16 TDS and threw for 2241 yards in 2016? Plus he’s only 31, and can make something out of nothing.

You know who? Colin Kaepernick baby!

Put political differences aside and look like a legit football team. Giving Peterman chance after change is a joke and I’m pretty sure Buffalo doesn’t want to be looked at as a joke. Or do they genuinely hate making it to the playoffs? Who knows? Maybe they’ll learn someday… naaaaaah

Well that about does it! Jones caught a TD from his incompetent QB, The Saints made all of New Orleans lose No Nut November, the Panthers are sneaky sneaky bastards, and Peterman is the definition of crap. Let’s hope Week 10 is a good one.

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