What did Draymond Green do to earn a Suspension this time?

After a heated argument on and off the court on Monday night against the Clippers, Draymond Green is suspended tonight without pay. What the hell happened?

It all started when Green grabbed the rebound in the final seconds of a tie game against the Clippers and didn’t pass the ball to Kevin Durant, and ended up losing the ball and not getting a shot off. The Warriors lost the game in overtime and eventually took their argument to the locker room where Green called out Durant about his upcoming free agency.

Green has done some stupid shit but it’s never really resulted in a team-give suspension. I think little by little we might see Green and his relationship with the Warriors deteriorate.

Or… they’re bored and just start arguing amongst each other since it’s already a given they’re in the Finals come June.

Ever since LeBron changed the way a superstar in the league should put themselves before anyone or anything else, free agency has been unpredictable. Maybe that’s getting into Draymond’s head and he’s not liking Durant thinking he can take over a team and then leave after winning a couple championships. Who knows? Only time will tell with this team. They’ll certainly miss Green’s leadership, but only for one night… maybe?

Author: Chief

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