What We Learned Week 10

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Another week, another edition of What We Learned. Someone getting fired and then rehired, the end of an era, and unfortunate injuries, lets get into it!


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Hue Jackson gets another opportunity in the NFL. The recently fired Browns coach is now the special assistant to head coach (and league-wide dumbass) Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals. To be blunt, that’s like being the assistant to the managerial manager (for all you Dwight Schrute lovers). After going 3-36-1 in his two plus years as the Browns head coach, somehow, someway, Hue Jackson gets a job. Marvin Lewis shouldn’t even have a job after the crap he’s put out on the field for 16 years, so rehiring his failure of an assistant doesn’t seem too smart of a move.

Are the Bengals owners just too lazy to think about getting a new coach? That’s like dealing with a shitty significant other and being like “I know they’re a piece of crap but hey, what can you do?” Fire both these guys!

The End of an Era

Well, the Buffalo Bills just cut their Tom Brady! Nathan Peterman is gone, and God it could not come sooner. During his 2-year career, he has impressed even the worst of quarterbacks (Ryan Leaf). 3 touchdowns and 12 interceptions doesn’t seem like it can get you anywhere.

The Bills can’t seem to do anything right anymore. They kept putting out Peterman but couldn’t get pass the fact that he’s horseshit. You know who’d be a good fit? Kaepern… “He-who-not-be-named”

The Injury Bug


Injuries in a gladiator sport come as frequently as my depression; year round baby! Sorry didn’t mean to get dark there… Any who …

One key injury was from the Saints vs Bengals 51-14 ass-kicking. In a win, the Saints lost offensive tackle Terron Armstead. He’s been phenomenal this season, playing a big part in the Saints destroying other teams’ defenses. No word on how long he’s out, but because he’s dealt with a multitude of injuries before, including his shoulder, Saints fans might have to hold their breath. Luckily their backup, Jermon Bushrod, is experienced enough to take over the role until Armstead comes back.

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Another key injury was from the Rams wide receiving corps. It suffered a blow when Cooper Kupp tore his ACL against the Seahawks. Kupp had 6 touchdowns and 566 receiving yards while being a favorable target of QB Jared Goff.

“He’s been a valuable piece of our team and a guy we’ll miss,” – Jared Goff

NFL: Miami Dolphins-Minicamp
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Devante Parker, the man who’s agent called out Dolphins coach Adam Gase for not playing him and for making it seem like he’s injured. Well, now he is. The receiver had a sling on his arm after Miami’s 31-12 loss to the Packers. This shoulder injury doesn’t seem to be too bad, but its karma for his agent being a complete dumbass. The already thinning WR group only has 3 healthy receivers after Jakeem Grant suffered an injury that required him to have a boot after a non-contact injury. It doesn’t seem to be an ACL tear, but he still might be out for awhile in a disappointing Dolphins season.

Dwayne Allen suffered a knee injury in the Patriots blow-out loss to the Titans on Sunday. Surgery isn’t required but he is expected to miss a few weeks, per Mike Giardi of the NFL network. He’s been good in the running game and even took a pay cut this season to try and help the Patriots out.

Injures are always bad and diminish quality of play. Hopefully players injured this week can make a quick recovery.

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