Patriots Add Two Players to the Roster During their Bye Week

Dawson via NBC Sports Boston

It looks like the Patriots are making some changes to the roster on defense. I honestly have low expectations; one is a rookie and the other hasn’t done much this season. Mid-season additions don’t always work out the best, unless you somehow become loved in New England like James Harrison did last year (what the fuck was that?). What can we expect from these additions?

Rookie cornerback Duke Dawson and special teamer/linebacker Ramon Humber have been added to the roster.

Second round pick Dawson hasn’t played since injuring his hamstring, which led to him being put on IR on September 6th. Dawson has mild expectations heading into the rest of the season as Stephon Gilmore and Jason McCourty have sealed up the #1 and #2 cornerback positions respectively. Dawson could play a role in competing to defend the slot position against a meh Jonathan Jones.

Other than defending the slot, maybe he has a chance in playing special teams since the Patriots put a large emphasis on that end, even though they’ve absolutely crapped their pants on that part this year despite spending a considerable amount on it.

Humber via USA Today

As for Ramon Humber, he had a not-so-bad season last year for the Bills with 83 tackles and a sack. Humber has had some experience with the Patriots. In March 2016, he signed with them only to be cut in training camp; he then signed with the Buffalo Bills.

Humber is the more likely between him and Dawson to play special teams as he’s seen a lot of action there throughout his career.

The poor pawns cut from this team were running back Kenjon Barner and linebacker Nicholas Grigsby. Barner has been on and off this team 3 different times this season. 3 FUCKING TIMES. That’s got to be a constant kick in the nuts from behind each time. He had a couple of good rushes against the Bears and seemed to be doing okay around here, but man I would just quit if I were him. Then again, I’m just a blogger…

The other schmuck, Grigsby, has actually played in 14 games in the past 2 seasons with the Patriots. He must’ve done something really bad to be cut this late into the season.

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