What We Learned Week 12

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Another week, another addition of What We Learned! The NFL couldn’t top the NBA in terms of drama this weekend but there are still some headlines that need to be addressed. If you know you know…

That being said, let’s get into it!

Guess who’s 8-3?

CBS Sports

After absolutely kicking a hopeless Arizona Cardinals team’s ass 45-10, the Chargers are having a good season that no one is talking about. With a solid defense to complement their offense, this is a team that could potentially make noise in the playoffs. As fellow blogger Nick pointed out to me yesterday, they just added Joey Bosa back, which is a big plus for Los Angeles in a late season run.

What also makes these sons of bitches interesting is that they could potentially have a chance at a top 2 seed by the end of the season. They’re only 1 game behind the Chiefs if you can believe it. It’ll be no easy task as their remaining 5 games include playing at Heinz Field against the Fat Perv Roethlisberger, one last showdown against Kermit Mahomes, and then maybe Joe Flacco or Lamar Jackson. Their two other matchups include facing the Dalton-less Bengals and a Broncos team who will probably be out a playoff spot by early December.

The Chiefs have a 3-game stretch of the inconsistent Ravens, Chargers, and Seahawks. So it’s not impossible for the Chargers to make it to the top spot, but they’ll need to a near perfect performance on offense in order to get there. Phillip Rivers and Melvin Gordon seem to be up for that task.

Jalen Ramsey, PLEASE SHUT UP

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With his team only going 3-8 this season, it’s still a wonder why this guy keeps talking shit to his opponents?

Yes, the Buffalo Bills are garbage, no one is going to dispute that. But Josh Allen has proven capable of being an okay QB in this league, certainly better than Blake Bortles. In the offseason, Ramsey basically went through all the QBs in the league and called most trash; this includes Josh Allen. Against a defense that is still capable of good performances, Allen did kind of suck, throwing for 160 yards and 1 touchdown. But that was in a win.

“I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash. And it’s gonna show too. That’s a stupid draft pick to me. We play them this year, and I’m excited as hell. I hope he’s their starting quarterback.”

-Jalen Ramsey

The Jaguars are on a 7-game losing streak and are 1-8 since their Week 2 Super Bowl against the Patriots. After their revenge game, the Jaguars seemed empty and had no fuel. With Fournette not being healthy to help out the Corpse of Blake Bortles, the offense has looked like absolute shit. It’s been so bad, they benched Bortles for Cody Kessler and fired their offense coordinator after losing to the Bills.

During the middle of the game, Ramsey called the entire Bills sideline trash, and look what happened? He needs to chill out because him being a loose cannon won’t help his cause in joining another team anytime soon.

Ramsey is part of the poison in a locker room that can’t keep it together and seems to want to call out Blake Bortles at every turn, but bite their tongue. He’s a talented player who’s the next great cornerback in this league, so I do root for him. But man, shut up already.

Browns Nation Baby!

Sam Greene/The Enquirer

Someone get champagne poppers! The Browns just won their first road game in like 3 years. And guess who they did it against? Their former head coache’s new team, the Bengals.

Sweet baby Jesus that must have felt like an orgasm for the Browns organization as a whole. Hue Jackson looks like a complete jackass considering he didn’t know how to use Baker Mayfield during his time with the Browns before getting fired. And now? Mayfield is running laps around Jackson’s new team. What’s even more disrespectful is after getting an interception, Browns safety Damarious Randall gave the ball he just intercepted to Jackson.


Doesn’t seem like Jackson is missed over in Cleveland, huh?

Wild Card Races!

Via playoffstatus.com

The Ravens have a tough stretch with games against the Chiefs and Chargers, who both want the top spot in the conference. But who said they liked it easy?

As for the Colts, their schedule isn’t as tough, but it is still pretty tricky, as they have the Texans and Cowboys, who have both been playing their asses of in the second half of the season. Both of those games look like probable shootouts at this rate.

The Dolphins have a chance, but who the fuck wants to see that pile of garbage in the playoffs?

The NFC is a different monster as spots 4 through 6 are up for grabs with the Seahawks and Panthers on the outside looking in.

I don’t have the time and you don’t have the patience for me to go on a rant right now about what team is more likely. The numbers above speak for themselves. But what I will say is who I want to see.

Give me the Seahawks instead of the Redskins. The Seahawks could be the team to make a decent run this year. They may not be the Legion of Boom anymore, but they’re still a team not to be messed with. I would love to see them in a second round matchup with the Rams or Saints, as they could be a true test with the QB-Coach duo of Wilson and Carroll having battled through the best and worst of a postseason. If they get in and face either the Bears or Cowboys, I think they move on pretty handily.

The Vikings at this point can suck a butt because they are the most disappointing team in the NFC next to the Packers. They’ll get in but if not, give me the Panthers so I can see a talented QB and RB duo, not Kirk fucking Cousins.

Well, that’s all we learned! Be sure to be back next week for the week 13 edition.

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