What We Learned Week 13

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Holy shit what a week. As the season winds down, teams who had playoff aspirations are slowly dying off like Jack in Titanic (there was room for 2 on that fucking door!).

Thursday started off with a bang with the Cowboys beating the living crap out of New Orleans, then we got to see Kareem Hunt fall from grace, and other stuff to be named in a couple of paragraphs. Let’s get into it!

How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys

Rob Jenkins/AP

Thursday Night Football showed the NFL that the Cowboys defense is elite. The Cowboys held the powerhouse Saints offense to only 10 points. Keep in mind, this is the same offense that is tied for 2nd with the Rams in terms of points per game (34.9 ppg).

The Cowboys kept the pressure from the start, and we began to see a rattled Drew Brees. As great as a QB he is, getting hit and being sacked a couple times will get inside the heads of even the best of them. Brees even got intercepted, which is like seeing a UFO.

Even with Randy Gregory fucking up every other play, and Prescott missing the simplest of throws, the Cowboys made it through all of it and they’re getting hot at the right time with a 4-game winning streak. Look out in the playoffs for this team!

The Chargers have Balls

I don’t know how to explain this picture

Down 23-7 at half, the Chargers looked like the chokers we all know and love. Big game after big game, they always seem to give it away. Not this time though, with Phillip Rivers and Keenan Allen going off, the Steelers had no answers. Even with Antonio Brown having a 154 yard and 1 touchdown game, the Chargers defense absolutely dominated in the second half, allowing only 7 points and Joey Bosa leading the way with physicality and toughness.

With Kareem Hunt out for the season (you know why), the Chiefs might struggle against a Chargers defense that has been much improved over the past few games since getting Bosa back. This Chargers team is as complete as you can get and are currently at 9-3, one game behind the Chiefs for #1 in the division and possibly being #1 in the conference.

Even with the shitty soccer stadium they play in, they seem to find a way to win. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, half the fans that fill up that horrid stadium are fucking fans of the other team. It’s basically an away game for the Chargers. Yuk.

By the way, please look up the game-winning field goal from San Diego this game. The kicker missed the first attempt which was then saved by an offsides penalty by the Steelers. His second attempt was BLOCKED but yet again another penalty on the Steelers. Then, he finally makes the fucking kick, only because the defender overshot the block attempt by 5 feet (he literally had the chance to block it).

Kareem Hunt Cut from Chiefs

NBC Sports

The star running back is a big part of the Chiefs best season in a while. The offense keeps fucking it up while the defense is rotting. But forget about football for a second and that he’s been in the middle of the most important season in awhile for the Chiefs.

What he did was wrong. And nothing could justify it. And in my article I wrote about the situation and how common abuse is in the NFL. https://holdmydrinksports.com/2018/11/30/kareem-hunt-cut-from-chiefs/

Update: TMZ reported last night that he was part of a group on a police report for being accused of attacking a guy at a Kansas City nightclub in January. What a scumbag.

Mike McCarthy got the boot

They finally fired him! After about a year of having a stagnant offense and a QB who regularly changed your play calling at the line of scrimmage, it was time for a change. The timing – happening immediately after a loss – should be called into question.

Like the polarizing Michael Felger said, it was like putting all the blame on Mike McCarthy and letting Rodgers off the hook, who prefers to play a brand of street ball as oppose to a structured offense.

The gracious Green Bay franchise looks a little classless not letting him go until after the season. I thought they should have fired him this past offseason but they let Ol’ Peter Griffin run the offense one more season; and look how that’s gone? No playoffs, and a star who’s regressed mightily. It’s not entirely his fault, but it’s hard not to say he’s a big problem that just got removed.

If they were wise, they would get a good offensive coordinator turned coach (Josh McDaniels) for what could be the twilight years of Rodgers’ career.

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I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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