Divisional Round Predictions

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You thought you got rid of us! As Lee Corso once said: not so fast!

Fredy and I are back to make our divisional round picks.  Now don’t worry, you can find our original picks for the entire playoffs here (congrats to Fredy for going 2-2), and feel free to hold us accountable to those once the playoffs are over.

However, we asked the people if they wanted us to make picks for the divisional round….

And 13 of you said yes! I’m guessing Kerm and his burner account were the two no votes, but haters gonna hate; Fredy and I are here to give the people what they REALLY want!

Here we go, folks



(6) Indianapolis Colts (10-6) at (1) Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) (Saturday, January 12, 4:35 PM)

Preview: Remember the last time KC and Indy faced off in the postseason?  Lets just say Andy Reid is hoping a similar game does not unfold.  Anyway, the one thing Fredy and I both got right was Indy making it to Kansas City.  This game will feature the two QBs with the most passing touchdowns in the league in 2018 (Mahomes with 50, Luck with 39).  In his first full season starting at QB, Mahomes became the second QB with 50 passing touchdowns and 5000 passing yards in NFL history, so it’s safe to say he was the MVP.  Luck had a late season run of spectacular football, and has led Indy to wins in 10 of their past 11 games (including last week).  The best team in the conference versus the hottest team in the conference, this will be a helluva game (maybe Chiefs-Rams lite).


Fredy: Colts 31, Chiefs 27

I just can’t trust Andy Reed. Sure people can break old habits but Reed seems to have a habit of not looking away from his play sheet. The guy is always buried in it, which in turn causes him to mismanage time. The momentum thing also gets to me, so I’m picking Colts because I’ve seen momentum carry a team to a Super Bowl.

Nick: Colts 38, Chiefs 34

There’s not going to be a lot of defense in this game, but I think the margin between the Chiefs offense and Colts defense is closer than the Colts offense and Chiefs defense, and that will ultimately mean Indy can make JUST enough stops. Don’t worry, Mahomes will be back.

AFC Championship: San Diego Chargers v New England Patriots
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(5) San Diego Los Angeles Chargers (12-4) at (2) New England Patriots (11-5) (Sunday, January 13, 1:05 PM)

Preview: Playoff football at Gillette Stadium… nothing like it.  The Chargers had the second best record in the AFC, but did not win their division, so this game is (rightfully) in New England.  Brady & co. had one of their best games this season coming off of their regular season bye week, so hopefully the rest helps them.  In Year 15, the 37-year-old Philip Rivers might not get many more chances at a title, and with one of the best teams he’s been on in his career, this might be his best shot at winning.  However, to do so, he’ll have to beat Tom Brady for the first time in his career.


Fredy: Chargers 24, Patriots 20

The Chargers won’t be losers anymore. Well, maybe. But they’ve been an away team this whole season and what’s stopping them now? Rivers is fired up and the Patriots will need a couple lucky plays to win the game. But Rivers and the Chargers are as good as ever

Nick: Patriots 31, Chargers 27

The Chargers are a great team, probably the most well-rounded AFC squad without Peyton Manning under center the Pats have faced in the playoffs since the Baltimore Ravens in 2011-2012.  The Chargers have been phenomenal on the road this season, but having to go out east AGAIN for a 1 PM EST game is going to be tough.  The Patriots played up to better competition this season, and I think the rest will be the edge here.


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Credit: Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News

(4) Dallas Cowboys (10-6) at (2) Los Angeles Rams (12-4) (Saturday, January 12, 8:15 PM)

Preview: A team not a lot of people were giving any credit, the Cowboys handled their business against Seattle behind a great night from Ezekial Elliot.  Dallas heads to LA for the first divisional round game in LA since 1991, as Jared Goff and Sean McVay look to redeem their loss in the Wild Card round last year.  Dallas typically holds some of their training camp in Oxnard, California, which is 60+ miles west of Los Angeles, so expect a good showing from Cowboys fans. With two third-year QBs starting for each team, this could be the first of many times we see this matchup in January.


Fredy: Rams 35, Cowboys 20

The Rams have been one of the best teams in the league. With last years disappointing playoff outcome, I expect them to throttle the Cowboys and their lack of a star wide receiver. Donald and the boys up front will keep Zeke in check for most of the game until a garbage time touchdown.

Nick: Rams 31, Cowboys 21

I promise you the Rams offense will not look as awful as Seattle did against Dallas (i.e. forcing the run when it’s clearly no longer working).  I respect Dak, but I do not think the Cowboys offense has the firepower to keep up with the Rams, and their defense (as good as it is) won’t be able to hold them below 24 (which is the only way I can see them winning)

(6) Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) at (1) New Orleans (13-3) (Sunday, January 13 4:40 PM)

Preview: Nick freaking Foles.  My closest equivalent to Foles is Eli Manning (but with swag).  New Orleans blew the doors off of the Carson Wentz-led Eagles in November, but with Foles leading the charge now, this is a new team.  Brees and Payton are 5-0 at home since 2006, and Brees has an unworldly passer rating of 115.4 in those games.  However, Foles has a playoff passer rating of 105.2 in his career, and his only postseason loss?  To New Orleans (2013).


Fredy: Saints 31, Eagles 13

After showing his team their Super Bowl bonuses, Sean Payton has the Saints ready for war. Had the Eagles been playing the Rams, I would go for them. But they just picked a fight with the wrong animal. Saints go marching to the NFCCG

Nick: Saints 38, Eagles 28

I can already tell I’m going to regret this, but the Saints are a great team, and I think they’re on a crash course to Atlanta for the Super Bowl.  Nick Foles could absolutely go into the Superdome and steal this game, but I think New Orleans is strong enough to tame the man; if they don’t, Foles and Philly really might win another Super Bowl.

All times listed in Eastern Standard

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