41-year-old QB has best performance of any QB this postseason

Credit: USA Today Sports

Well, well, well.

It’s January, and Tom Brady is winning football games.

It’s almost like… that always happens.


With the divisional round now over, throughout the past two weekends, a total of 8 postseason games have been played.  That means there have been 16 individual QB performances during the playoffs.  Despite what NathanfrombadTomBradytakes might tell you, Tom Brady had the best performance of all of them.

Lets explore, shall we.

Completion Percentage

  1. Tom Brady vs. Chargers: 75% (33/44)
  2. Drew Brees vs. Eagles: 73.68% (28/38)
  3. Philip Rivers vs. Ravens: 68.75 (22/32)
  4. Dak Prescott vs. Seahawks: 66.67 (22/33)
  5. Russell Wilson vs. Cowboys: 66.67% (18/27)
  6. Patrick Mahomes vs. Colts: 65.59% (27/41)
  7. Nick Foles vs. Bears: 62.5% (25/40)
  8. Dak Prescott vs. Rams: 62.5% (20/32)
  9. Mitch Trubisky vs. Eagles: 60.47% (26/43)
  10. Andrew Luck vs. Texans: 59.38% (19/32)
  11. Deshaun Watson vs. Colts: 59.18% (29/49)
  12. Nick Foles vs. Saints: 58.06% (18/31)
  13. Jared Goff vs. Cowboys: 53.57% (15/28)
  14. Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs: 52.78% (19/36)
  15. Philip Rivers vs. Patriots: 49.02% (25/51)
  16. Lamar Jackson vs. Chargers: 48.28 (14/29)

Passing Yards

  1. Tom Brady vs. Chargers: 343 yards
  2. Philip Rivers vs. Patriots: 331 yards
  3. Mitch Trubisky vs. Eagles: 303 yards
  4. Drew Brees vs. Eagles: 301 yards
  5. Patrick Mahomes vs. Colts: 278 yards
  6. Dak Prescott vs. Rams: 266 yards
  7. Dak Prescott vs. Seahawks: 266 yards
  8. Nick Foles vs. Bears: 266 yards
  9. Deshaun Watson vs. Colts: 235 yards
  10. Russell Wilson vs. Cowboys: 233 yards
  11. Andrew Luck vs. Texans: 222 yards
  12. Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs: 203 yards
  13. Nick Foles vs. Saints: 201 yards
  14. Lamar Jackson vs. Chargers: 194 yards
  15. Jared Goff vs. Cowboys: 186 yards
  16. Philip Rivers vs. Ravens: 160 yards

Yards per Attempt

  1. Russell Wilson vs. Cowboys: 8.63
  2. Dak Prescott vs. Rams: 8.31
  3. Dak Prescott vs. Seahawks: 8.06
  4. Drew Brees vs. Eagles: 7.92
  5. Tom Brady vs. Chargers: 7.80
  6. Mitch Trubisky vs. Eagles: 7.05
  7. Andrew Luck vs. Texans: 6.94
  8. Patrick Mahomes vs. Colts: 6.78
  9. Lamar Jackson vs. Chargers: 6.69
  10. Nick Foles vs. Bears: 6.65
  11. Jared Goff vs. Cowboys: 6.64
  12. Philip Rivers vs. Patriots: 6.49
  13. Nick Foles vs. Saints: 6.48
  14. Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs: 5.64
  15. Philip Rivers vs. Ravens: 5
  16. Deshaun Watson vs. Colts: 4.80

Yards gained per pass completion (Y/C)

  1. Lamar Jackson vs. Chargers: 13.86
  2. Dak Prescott vs. Rams: 13.3
  3. Philip Rivers vs. Patriots: 13.24
  4. Russell Wilson vs. Cowboys: 12.94
  5. Jared Goff vs. Cowboys: 12.4
  6. Dak Prescott vs. Seahawks: 12.09
  7. Drew Brees vs. Eagles: 11.82
  8. Andrew Luck vs. Texans: 11.68
  9. Mitch Trubisky vs. Eagles: 11.65
  10. Nick Foles vs. Saints: 11.17
  11. Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs: 10.68
  12. Nick Foles vs. Bears: 10.64
  13. Tom Brady vs. Chargers: 10.39
  14. Patrick Mahomes vs. Colts: 10.30
  15. Deshaun Watson vs. Colts: 8.10
  16. Philip Rivers vs. Ravens: 7.28

Passer Rating

  1. Tom Brady vs. Chargers: 106.5
  2. Russell Wilson vs. Cowboys: 105.9
  3. Drew Brees vs. Eagles: 103.1
  4. Dak Prescott vs. Rams: 99.2
  5. Mitch Trubisky vs. Eagles: 89.6
  6. Andrew Luck vs. Texans: 88.3
  7. Patrick Mahomes vs. Colts: 85.2
  8. Dak Prescott vs. Seahawks: 83.6
  9. Philip Rivers vs. Patriots: 81.4
  10. Philip Rivers vs. Ravens: 80.2
  11. Lamar Jackson vs. Chargers: 78.8
  12. Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs: 78.8
  13. Nick Foles vs. Bears: 77.7
  14. Jared Goff vs. Cowboys: 74.4
  15. Deshaun Watson vs. Colts: 69.7
  16. Nick Foles vs. Saints: 61.4


  1. Tom Brady vs. Chargers: 89.3
  2. Nick Foles vs. Bears: 87.3
  3. Dak Prescott vs. Rams: 83.1
  4. Andrew Luck vs. Texans: 82.2
  5. Philip Rivers vs. Ravens: 78.3
  6. Russell Wilson vs. Cowboys: 74.4
  7. Dak Prescott vs. Seahawks: 72.5
  8. Philip Rivers vs. Patriots: 71.1
  9. Drew Brees vs. Eagles: 65.0
  10. Patrick Mahomes vs. Colts: 63.1
  11. Jared Goff vs. Cowboys: 54.1
  12. Mitch Trubisky vs. Eagles: 49.4
  13. Nick Foles vs. Saints: 43.3
  14. Andrew Luck vs. Chiefs: 23.3
  15. Deshaun Watson vs. Colts: 19.6
  16. Lamar Jackson vs. Chargers: 1.4

*0-100 scale; detailed explanation on QBR can be found here

So to clarify, Tom Brady had the highest completion percentage, most passing yards, best passer rating, and best QBR of any QB this postseason.

His yards per attempt were the 5th best, although his yards gained per pass completion were 13th.  That’s because although Brady completed the most passes (33) of any QB in any game this postseason, he attempted the third most passes of any QB in a game this postseason. He didn’t make any dumb mistakes, as indicated by the fact he threw zero (0) interceptions; 8 quarterbacks (including Brady) did not throw an INT in their individual performances this postseason (although no QB to play 2 games had 0 INT in each game).  He takes what the defense gives him, and gets the yards wherever they are… and if you say any QB can make the throws he does, tell me why any defense would play Tom Brady in a way that at it could be beat by any QB…. can’t? Exactly.

Now if you watched any of the games this past weekend, you know the running game became a huge component for the Chiefs, Rams… and the Patriots.  Brady’s stats might make it look like he was throwing the ball around in a close game, but lets remember, it was 38-7 in the third quarter.  So where a team like the Saints were in a close game, and may have needed Drew Brees’ arm more than Brady’s was needed against the Chargers.  The Patriots run game actually did quite well, providing a balanced attack to compliment the passing game.

Team Rushing Yards

  1. Los Angeles Rams (vs. DAL) – 273 yards (48 attempts)
  2. Indianapolis Colts (vs. HOU) – 200 yards (35 attempts)
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (vs. IND) – 180 yards (33 attempts)
  4. Dallas Cowboys (vs. SEA) – 164 (34 attempts)
  5. New England Patriots (vs. LAC) – 155 yards (34 attempts)
  6. New Orleans Saints (vs. PHI) – 137 yards (31 attempts)
  7. Houston Texans (vs. IND) – 105 yards (16 attempts)
  8. Baltimore Ravens (vs. LAC) – 90 yards (23 attempts)
  9. Indianapolis Colts (vs. KC) – 87 yards (14 attempts)
  10. Seattle Seahawks (vs. DAL) – 73 yards (24 attempts)
  11. Chicago Bears (vs. PHI) – 65 yards (18 attempts)
  12. Los Angeles Chargers (vs. BAL) – 89 yards (33 attempts)
  13. Dallas Cowboys (vs. LAR) – 50 yards (22 attempts)
  14. Philadelphia Eagles (vs. NO) – 49 yards (16 attempts)
  15. Philadelphia Eagles (vs. CHI) – 42 yards (23 attempts)
  16. Los Angeles Chargers (vs. NE) – 19 yards (10 attempts)

The Patriots had the 5th best performance of any team on the ground this postseason, just 9 yards behind the Cowboys performance against Seattle; with the Rams and Todd Gurley, as well as the Cowboys having Zeke, I’d say this isn’t too bad of a spot for New England, especially with rookie Sony Michel (“he SUCKS, he BLOWS”) having provided the bulk of the rushing yards.

Now did the Patriots just happen to break off a ton of long runs, maybe skewing their rushing yard total, while Brady was actually unnecessarily throwing the ball around all game?


New England had the third most rushing attempts of any team in a game this postseason (tied with Dallas).  Other than the Rams’ absurd 48 rushing attempts, the Patriots’ 34 rushing attempts put them as one of six teams to rush the ball between 31-35 (all teams that won).

Simply put, Tom Brady dominated the Chargers in a way no QB has dominated a team during the playoffs thus far, and New England closed the game by running the ball, similar to the way other teams have this postseason.  He did so quicker than Drew Brees, and in victory (as opposed to Russell Wilson).  He didn’t put up empty stats like Philip Rivers, nor not show up like Andrew Luck this weekend; he had the best individual performance of any QB this postseason thus far.

And with only 4 games left the entire postseason, at worst, his game versus the Chargers will end up in the top 7.

Not bad for a 41-year-old everyone said was done.

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