Who to Watch (February 15- February 21)

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What a week huh? Flacco to the Broncos was a personal favorite of mine (article coming out lat, check it out). Antonio Brown officially requested a trade from Pittsburgh because screw them right?

In NBA news, Kyrie and the Celtics just can’t catch a break without someone saying they’re back one week and the next week someone calling this season a dumpster fire. Which is it? Not as bad as the Lakers are doing right now, huh Kerm? Jokes aside, the all-star break is this weekend with the beloved Celebrity game kicking things off. Join us in watching players we think will shine this weekend!


Fredy: Seth Curry

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Since this week is mainly all-star predictions and what not, why not pick one of the top three 3-point shooters in NBA right now? With 9 people in the field (don’t count Dirk), Seth has just as good a shot to win this as his brother, Steph. He’s a dark horse, and the brother no one talks about until you say “Hey fun fact, Steph has a brother on the Blazers named Seth!” So let’s go Seth! Kick ass!

When to Watch: 

NBA Three Point Competition (2/16; 8:00 PM)

Andy: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t bought in on the Greek freak, it’s never too late. He is one of the best players in the league right now and he is not slowing down. In the past four games he has played he is averaging 33+ points and 14+ rebounds. It’s no wonder he is leading the Bucks to the best record in the NBA so far. He is dominant in the paint and his play making ability is incredible, especially for a big man. James Harden is the only person standing in Giannis’ way of getting the MVP title this year. I would not be surprised to see him win it over the beard by the end of the season. Buy my guy, Antetokounmpo.

When to Watch:

NBA All-Star Game (2/17; 8:00 PM)

Kerm: Dennis Smith Jr

Raj Mehta- USA Today Sports

While his performance in last year’s dunk contest was a little underwhelming, I’m still all in on his chances this year. Last year he attempted some very impressive dunks, he just couldn’t land them. I’m interested to see what he’ll attempt if he makes the final round. Maybe he’ll 360 from the free throw line. Maybe he’ll jump over the Knicks hopes and dreams of getting Zion. Either way it will be the tied for the Knicks highlight of the season with this dunk.

When to Watch:

NBA Dunk Contest (2/16; 8:00 PM)


Fredy: Entire Dunk Contest

Via NBA.com

Do you see anything wrong with the names in the dunk contest? Yes? No? Well, if you haven’t figured it out, there’s no decent names in there. Not one. Dennis Smith Jr is nowhere near a household name. Miles Bridges might as well go work for the concession stand because I don’t know who that is. Hamidou Diallo? John Collins? Yeah I’ll go stuff my face with food somewhere instead of watching this garbage. (By the way, we’ve seen basically every dunk created, what’s the point? And all-star games festivities blow but that’s just my opinion.)

When to Watch:

NBA Dunk Contest (2/16; 8:00 PM)

Andy: Jayson Tatum

Credit to Sportingnews.com

As much as it pains me to do it, I need to sell on Jason Tatum. Even though it is only his second year, there is a bit of a high expectation for this Duke product. He is a starter on one of the East’s best teams and he is averaging 16 points a game. A number you like to see from a sophomore but it leaves a little to desire. On paper, he is having a decent year but numbers only tell half the story. When you watch him you find that he is rushing the ball into the paint as soon as he pulls up. You like to see the hustle but when you rush into 3 defenders only to pick up the ball and fight to pass back out, is it really worth it? Lately the Celtics as a whole have been giving up leads in the fourth like it’s their job. Part of this problem is Tatum turning over the ball on silly passes and illadvised drives to the paint. I still have hope he will be superstar in the league but until he works on his ability to control the flow of the game, I will sell on him.

When to Watch: 

NBA Rising Stars Game (2/15; 9:00 PM)

NBA Skills Challenge (2/16; 8:00 PM)

Kerm: Skills Challenge

Via NBA.com

Call me a fake basketball fan, but I retired from watching the skills competition a few years ago. Typically the players don’t care, and it shows. I’ll take Mike Conley in this, but does it really matter who wins it?

When to Watch:

Skills Challenge (2/16; 8:00 PM)

The “Who to Watch” series drops every Friday, via Hold My Drink Sports

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