Why Comparing Flacco and Keenum is like Comparing Oranges and Grapes

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Baltimore Ravens
Case Keenum (left) and Joe Flacco (right) have been said to be more of the same, and that there was no reason for Denver to trade for Flacco when they already had Case (Credit: NBCSports.com)

Let me start this off by saying I am not that big of a Flacco guy. However, when he does have a good game or good moments, I laugh hard at football analysts trying to figure out if he’s actually good because the answer to that is… there is no fucking answer! (He’s elite if you ask me while I’m under the influence).

Flacco is a Super Bowl champion with one of the better playoff runs in recent memory. Case Keenum? A bum who couldn’t win in Minnesota and got throttled by Philly, even though he had Diggs and Theilen. In Denver, he had better weapons than Flacco has had the past few years, so why is there an argument saying the two QBs are the same? I can’t get enough Flacco talk so let’s get into the obvious differences!


Image result for phillip lindsay
Undrafted rookie RB Phillip Lindsay made a lot of teams regret not picking him in the 2018 NFL Draft, putting together a Pro Bowl campaign this season (Credit: Jack Dempsey/AP)

Pro Bowl Running back Phillip Lindsay ran for 1,037 yards and had 241 receiving yards for the Broncos. The Ravens best running back was Gus fucking Edwards, with 718 yards, next best was Lamar ‘can’t throw for shit’ Jackson with 695 yards.

Lets compare receivers.


  • Emmanuel Sanders 868 receiving yards (12 games)
  • Courtland Sutton 704 yards
  • Demaryius Thomas had 402 yards (traded after 8 games).


  • John ‘Boring name’ Brown with 715 yards
  • Willie Snead with 651 yards
  • washed up Michael Crabtree with 607 yards.

The Broncos have it good with weapons compared to the pile of half-decent garbage the Ravens had.

This graphic has been floating around on Twitter, comparing Flacco and Keenum over the past three seasons, saying they’re basically the same person, to which I call bullshit.

Why? Do you know who Flacco was throwing to during the 2017 season? Mike Wallace (748 yards), Benjamin Watson (522 yards), with only one upside, running back Alex Collins with 973 rushing yards and 187 receiving yards. Wanna know who Keenum had? Adam Thielen with 1276 yards, Stefon Diggs with 849 yards, and a good running back in Latavius Murray who had 842 rushing yards and 103 receiving yards. Am I fucking missing something?

Playoff Records

Image result for joe flacco 2012 super bowl mvp
During the 2012 postseason, Joe Flacco suddenly became the greatest QB to ever live, earning himself a Super Bowl, and a fat new contract (Credit: Matt Slocum/AP)

Flacco had a fair amount of experience in the playoffs, more good than bad, during his time in Baltimore. He was 10-5 overall with a 7-5 road playoff record (the most wins for a QB on the road in NFL history. During the Ravens Super Bowl run in 2012, Flacco threw for 1140 yards, 11 TDs with 0 INTs, which included games on the road against Denver and New England.

How impressive was that run? His lowest QB Rating was 106.2.

If you’re not convinced he’s a more than capable QB, during the 2014 playoffs, in his 2 playoff games, he threw for 551 yards, 6 TDs and 2 INTs. Impressed? No? I’ll show you Keenum’s numbers from his one and only trip to the postseason (2017). 1-1 record with 589 passing yards, 2 TDs and 3 INTs and getting blown out 38-7 by the eventual Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles… that’s it.

Give Flacco Denver’s Defense

Image result for von miller bradley chubb
Von Miller (left) and Bradley Chubb (right) anchor a Broncos defense that looks to be rejuvenated under new head coach Vic Fangio (Credit: BroncosWire)

When Flacco won the Super Bowl, the Ravens defense in the regular season wasn’t the best, but once playoff time came around, their veteran core turned back the clock like the good ‘ole days. That defense had legends would would be absolutely dominant in the NFL today. In 2017, Case Keenum had the number 1 ranked defense in the NFL, which paired nicely with a well-rounded offense, reaching he NFCCG against the Nick Foles-led Eagles. In 2018, although Denver had an ‘eh’ year defensively, it doesn’t help that your QB plays like dog shit and can’t move the ball.

With Flacco in Denver, I have no problem saying he will be better than Keenum. He’s had the ups and downs of NFL life, but with so much road playoff experience that nothing should rattle him. Plus he should be fired getting a second chance following the fact his job taken away by the Lamar Jackson shit-show in Baltimore.

Before I sign off, I want to share an interesting little bit of information I found on the offensive coordinator in Denver. During Flacco’s elite 2014 campaign (27 TDs and 12 INT in the reg. season), Gary Kubiak was calling the offensive plays. Rich Scangarello, Denver’s new offensive coordinator, falls under the Gary Kubiak coaching tree, and would certainly love to have Flacco slinging the deep ball in a scheme that fits him. Time will tell, but I really hope Flacco is ELITE next season!

P.S. If Flacco can make my friend Kennedy look elite in Madden, you must be ELITE! (Though if you ask him, he’d say otherwise).

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