Who to Watch (March 1 – March 7)

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Dwyane Wade hit a remarkable three pointer to give the Miami Heat the edge over the Golden State Warriors this past Wednesday; here he is sharing the aftermath of that moment with the fans of the Heat (Credit: For The Win)

Welcome back to the world’s greatest weekly preview of professional sports which is released on Friday afternoons!

This past week, the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics continued to… disappoint (nice call on Gordon Hayward last week Nick… NOT).  Dywane Wade made an insane three-point shot to beat the Golden State Warriors, Kyler Murray was announced to be 5’10” Jason Witten decided to leave MNF and come back to the Dallas Cowboys, and Bryce Harper FINALLY chose a team, signing with the Phillies for THIRTEEN (13) YEARS AND $330 MILLION! SHEESH!

March is a great month for sports.  March Madness begins on the 19th, playoff races will only heighten in the NHL and NBA, the first games of the MLB season begin on the 20th, while the traditional Opening Day will be the 28th.  Hopefully it will finally stop snowing, but who knows; one step at a time.

Lets get down to business


Fredy: Buddy Hield

The man has been on a hot streak for the surprisingly decent Sacramento Kings. In his last four games, he’s averaging 25.8 PPG along with 6 RPG. That may not be all that impressive to you because when there are James Hardens and Russell Westbrooks in the league, it’s easy to forget. But not me. I hated Hield ever since he was drafted by the Pelicans.

The King’s are a game behind the Clippers for the 8th and final spot in the Western Conference playoffs. I believe they have the energy and momentum to pull it off with a good young core finally starting to flourish. Vlade Divac baby!

When to Watch: 

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Sacramento Kings (3/1; 10:00 PM)

New York Knicks vs. Sacramento Kings (3/4; 10:00 PM)

Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings (3/6; 10:00 PM)

Kerm: Trae Young

Trae Young’s late rookie of the year push has been fun to watch. In a loss against the Rockets, Young managed to knock down eight three pointers on 66 percent shooting. If those stats aren’t impressive on their own, just look how deep he’s shooting them from.

He managed to follow up that impressive night with a 36 point double double. While Doncic probably has the rookie of the year award on lock, Young is making it a little more interesting.

When to Watch:

Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks (3/1; 7:30 PM)

Atlanta Hawks vs. Chicago Bulls (3/3; 3:30 PM)

Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heats (3/4; 7:30 PM)

San Antonio Spurs vs. Atlanta Hawks (3/6; 7:30 PM)

Nick: Nikola Jokić

A few weeks ago, Charles Barkley suggested that Jokić should be in contention for MVP, more specifically, at the top of the list, and everyone looked at him like he’s crazy.  Now granted, Reggie Miller was on set that night, so he has no right to call Chuck crazy (only Shaq, Kenny and Ernie have that right).  Honestly, I don’t think Charles was that crazy.  The Nuggets have slowly been building their way back to relevancy ever since Andre Iguodala left the team for the Warriors, and after winning 46 games last season and just missing the playoffs, the Nuggets look all but certain to make the playoffs for the time in 6 years.  Jokić is the leader of this team, averaging 20.6 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 7.7 APG, while shooting 50.3% from the field.  The game above is just an example of his array of talents.  The Nuggets are currently the second seed in the West, and are just 0.5 GB of the Warriors.  We could be just weeks away from a deep run by this team; I’m buying my Jokić stock now before everyone else sees how good he is this postseason, and I advise that you do the same.

When to Watch: 

New Orleans Pelicans vs. Denver Nuggets (3/2; 9:00 PM)

Denver Nuggets vs. San Antonio Spurs (3/4; 8:30 PM)

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers (3/6; 10:30 PM)


Fredy: Marcus Morris

Image result for marcus morris
After starting the season on fire, Morris has come back down to Earth the past two months (Credit: USA TODAY Sports)

The man was on fire the first half of the season and now, but when the Celtics need him the most, he is shitting his pants. In the past four games, he’s averaging only 12 PPG, shooting 36% from the field. For someone who shoots the ball every time he gets it, those are some pretty bad numbers. If the Celtics want to have a chance at the 4 seed, they need Morris to step up, along with other non-star players (more on that later).

When to Watch:

Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics (3/1; 8:00 PM)

Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics (3/3; 3:30 PM)

Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors (3/5; 10:30 PM)

Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings (3/6; 10:00 PM)

Kerm: LeBron James

Image result for lebron james
Tensions seem to be running high in Los Angeles after the Lakers were not able to land Anthony Davis before the trade deadline; is LeBron to blame for this apparent deterioration in morale? (Credit: Matthew Hinton/AP)

At this point, the Los Angelas Lakers are better off either shutting down, or severely reducing LeBron James’s minutes. For the Lakers to make the playoffs, he’ll have to exert much more energy than you would want from a 34-year-old franchise player. Look how Kobe’s prolific playoff push in 2013 ended. After giving his all, the only thing left to show was a torn Achilles and a first round playoff exit. The risk is much higher than the reward on this one.

James’s on court product hasn’t been the most enjoyable to watch since returning from injury either. I don’t care if LeBron got a stop and hit a trick shot dagger against the Pelicans against the Pelicans on Wednesday. The Lakers’ defense has looked abysmal, and James is one of the main pieces to blame. He’s been doing much of what he’s been doing for years (hiding on the least threatening offensive player and using regular season defense as a breather), but now it’s while the Lakers are chasing a playoff spot. Either give your all in a push for the playoffs, or rest up; don’t sit in between both.

When to Watch:

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Los Angeles Lakers (3/1; 10:30 PM)

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns (3/2; 9:00 PM)

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers (3/4; 10:30 PM)

Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Lakers (3/6; 10:30 PM)

Nick: Terry Rozier

Image result for terry rozier
Celtics PG Terry Rozier has faced a lot of backlash as of late for the woes of the team? Is it all on him, or has he become the face of a team-wide struggle? (Credit: Greg M. Cooper/USA TODAY Sports)

Things have not gone well for Terry Rozier as of late. “Scary Terry” was the face of everything that was good for the Celtics when they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals a year ago, but this season, it’s the polar opposite.  Fans have become fed up with amount of playing time he continues to get due to the limited results he is producing.  Take his first three games following the All-Star break. Rozier is averaging 6 PPG, 2.7 RPG, and 1.7 APG, shooting 24% from the field (6/25), and 15.4% from three (2-13) in 19.3 MPG.  Yeah, lets be real, those are AWFUL numbers.  There have been jokes throughout the years that Rozier has made it this far on the Celtics without getting traded means he knows where the “bodies” are buried, and after this past week, those people are gaining more and more legitimacy.  Rozier needs to see a reduction in his minutes, because he is not getting the job done, plain and simple.  He needs to earn back playing time, just like he earned the right to start last season after Kyrie got hurt.  I could make a counterargument to buy Rozier stock now before he hits FA and maybe gets to start, but I won’t put you through that.  Sell on Rozier for the remainder of this season, call me in July.

When to Watch:

Washington Wizards vs. Boston Celtics (3/1; 8:00 PM)

Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics (3/3; 3:30 PM)

Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors (3/5; 10:30 PM)

Boston Celtics vs. Sacramento Kings (3/6; 10:00 PM)

The “Who to Watch” series drops every Friday, via Hold My Drink Sports

Author: Nick Collins

Boston sports fan sharing his love for sports and perspectives as a fan

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