Who To Watch (April 26 – May 3)

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Tied at 115 with time running down, Damian Lillard took a step back three 37 FEET away from the hoop… and he drilled it. Trail Blazers 4, Thunder 1 (Credit: Getty Images)


We just witnessed another GREAT week in sports. In the NHL, there were three Game 7s, games in which the Bruins, Sharks, and Hurricanes advanced. Boston won 5-1; San Jose was trailing 3-0 before scoring 4 goals in less than 5 minutes to take the lead back, but Vegas tied the game to force OT, where San Jose ultimately won; in D.C., the Hurricanes beat the defending champions in double OT, another upset in a first round full of them. The NBA was not without it’s fair share of dramatics. Damian Lillard had one of the best closeout games in recent NBA history, capped off by one of the coldest buzzer beaters (and a wave OKC). Portland, as well as Boston, Milwaukee, Toronto, Philly, and Houston moved onto the second round. The Clippers forced a Game 6 on Wednesday behind a great performance from Lou Williams. The Spurs won at home to force a Game 7 in their series against the Denver Nuggets.

The Eastern Conference Semifinals will begin on tomorrow, as Toronto will host the 76ers. Game 7 of the Spurs/Nuggets series will take place after that game at 10:00 PM. The Clippers host the Warriors for Game 6 of their series tonight at 10:00 PM.

Also, congratulations to those drafted in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. Rounds 2-3 will take place starting at 7:00 PM tonight, and the remainder of the draft will be tomorrow starting at noon.



Fredy: Jayson Tatum

The future Celtics star is having a great postseason thus far, better than a year ago actually. With Kyrie and Hayward there, I expected his numbers to go down, but they seemingly went up with the light shine brightest. Tatum is a generational talent that is perfect for today’s game. He’s averaging 19.3 PPG and 5.5 RPG, and is shooting .509 from the field and .533 from three

When to Watch: 

Game 1: Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks (4/28, 1:00 PM)

Game 2: Boston Celtics vs. Milwaukee Bucks (4/30, TBD)

Nick: Damian Lillard

This was one of the best playoff performances in recent NBA history. Lillard started off on FIRE with 34 points in the first half. He cooled off from that pace, reaching the mid 40s as the game winded down. After a rebound on a missed Thunder shot, Lillard got the ball and dribbled past half court with 47 points. He stayed FAR away from the hoop, the clock ran down, he made his decision: pull up shot. Tie game, that shot could win the game… nothing but net. 50 points, game over, series over. Lillard averaged 33 PPG against the Thunder, and made a cold-blooded statement in Game 5. The Trail Blazers have had some disappointing postseason appearances the past few seasons (particularly a year ago), but if Dame can play at this level and elevate his squad… watch out. I’m joining the Dame D.O.L.L.A bandwagon late; I hope there’s still room.

When to Watch: 

TBD (will face winner of Nuggets/Spurs)


Fredy: Russell Westbrook

Credit: NBA Memes

His triple-doubles come at a cost; the team losing. He somehow got WORSE this postseason. His 22.8 PPG against Portland was worse than last years 29.3 PPG against Utah. They got beat by the fucking Blazers. What the hell! .360 FG%!? HORRENDOUS.

When to Watch: 

Fall 2019

Nick: Devin Booker

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When the Suns begin the 2019 season, he will be playing for his 5th coach since the beginning of his career (Credit: NBA.com)

The Suns just fired their coach this past week. Why name him? If I do, you would remember, which is pointless, because they just end up getting fired shortly after they’re hired. Booker was a restricted free agent last summer. I know, the player shouldn’t leave $150 million on the table, but if you’re a player like Booker, why give an inept franchise like the Suns 5 more years to keep failing, wasting your career, while you could leave? One day a player in that situation should sign a qualifying offer, play the next season, and become an unrestricted free agent the next summer, versus signing a max contract for 5 years. Booker chose the latter. He’ll be fine, he’s a great player, but he won’t accomplish anything in Phoenix. Call me when he finally forces his way out of that city so his career can truly begin.

When to Watch:

Fall 2019

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