Chris Paul has not justified his contract

The Warriors currently hold a 2-0 series lead against the Rockets.

Houston has done a lot of talking the past two seasons of wanting to face/beat the Warriors. Last year, you could say Chris Paul’s injury was the reason the Rockets lost in Game 7, but I’m calling bullshit. First off, remember the Warriors were missing Andre Iguodala. Second, and more importantly, Houston was 7 for 44 from three, including 27 misses in a row, in a 9-point loss will kill you. Imagine they had made three more of those? We might be talking about the Warriors collapsing. Instead, we talk about the refs being the cause of the Rockets choking and not because they’re simply not built for this.

With the next two games being at home, the Rockets have a chance to get over their woes. Maybe James Harden can shoot more efficiently. Maybe Chris Paul plays like the $40 million per season player the Rockets signed him to be in July.

“If anybody doesn’t like the way I play, I don’t care. I don’t care. I play that way, and if you don’t like it… Don’t play with me”

-Chris Paul

Paul has only eclipsed 20 points once in seven playoff games this year. He hasn’t even had more than 7 assists in a game. Are the Rockets paying $40 million for a leader who constantly mocks the refs and is known as a dick by the Clippers after their fallout? All I know is the Rockets aren’t looking so hot right now, and something has to give.

On, Chris Paul’s defensive rating is ranked 33rd this postseason out of all active postseason players who’ve played at least 15 MPG (I based this off the fact that Aron Baynes has played about 16 MPG this postseason, and he makes a huge difference for Boston).

I wouldn’t say anything if Paul were a $20 million player this season (or not as loud at least), but when you’re being paid to deliver championships, this is unacceptable.

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