How to say ‘Coward’ in 5 Different Languages

Spanish: Cobarde

Portuguese: Covarde

Somali: Fulayo

German: Feigling

Japanese: 臆病者

With the Celtics now down 3-1 to the Bucks, the ride is almost over for these heartless cowards. From being ranked 2nd best in the preseason behind the Warriors to now being the laughing stock of the NBA.

All season long the Celtics have told us to expect great things in the postseason. Jaylen Brown expects five championships by the time he’s 28, and it looks like thats not happening this year, or any time soon. But I don’t blame his hubris too much, even though the team has done nothing to prove they can get to the promise land, let alone win there. I put some of the blame on the supposed leader of the team. Mr. Kyrie Irving.

“We lose a bunch of games in a row and we end up sweeping the whole Eastern Conference” -Kyrie Irving

Well, you’re in the playoffs Kyrie! You managed to sweep a Pacers team without their star player! Now that you’ve ran into a team with a capable coach and star player and are wilting. What happened?

I can’t explain what’s going on but part of it is on the leader.

Irving has been telling the guys not to worry about the regular season, that the real season begins in the playoffs. Well, you’re down 3-1. What’s going to happen now?

In Irving’s last three playoff games (all loses), he’s averaging 20 points off 30% field goal shooting and a horrid 20% on 3-pointers. His shots aren’t falling, and that’s impacting his play. His frustration leads to him playing hero ball instead of feeding the hot hands like Morris or Brown at times. This clearly isn’t his year for some reason. His mood swings certainly haven’t helped one bit. His body language is shit. Even green teamers at the games are booing him out of the arena; he deserves it.

Listen I’m not saying I don’t want him back next season. He’s a player we needed, but someone needs to be moved and with the contract Hayward has, it’ll be another key player that has to be moved because for some reason Irving can’t play with this group; even though they’re literally the same as last year with the exception of Hayward.

And honestly, this hasn’t been Brad Stevens’ best year. He has arguably the 2nd best roster in the NBA and he couldn’t find a way to mesh everyone. Makes you think how Doc Rivers did it when the Big 3 was here. But it also doesn’t help when your team goes 9 for 41 on 3-pointers. But it’s up to Brad to tell his team to go into the paint and get some fucking calls! Make them buy into the plan. Or, here’s a crazy thought: ADJUST!

Kyrie Irving is a free agent at the end of the postseason run. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want him but if he left, I wouldn’t mind either.

Irving was going to make or break our season and it looks like he’s breaking it. Its put up or shut up for the superstar. Down 3-1. He’s done it before, but can he do it again?

Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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