BREAKING NEWS: Brooklyn Nets clear A BUNCH of Salary

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The Brooklyn Nets just put themselves right into the middle of any major move this offseason (Credit: Brooklyn Nets)

A huge move just took place, as the Brooklyn Nets traded Allen Crabbe and his $18.5 million of salary to the Atlanta Hawks.

For a team tied to free agents like Kyrie Irving, and looking to secure their own players (i.e. D’Angelo Russell), this is BIG NEWS.

The current salary cap projection for the 2019-2020 season is $109 million.

PRIOR to this deal, the Nets had $54,348,839 on their books for 2019-2020, meaning they could SPEND about $54.6 million in free agency – enough for a max contract, and then $15 to $20 million left over.

But now, given the contract of Crabbe and their first round pick coming off their books, and the contract of Taurean Prince (2019-2020 salary = $3,481,985) going ON their books, the Nets now have just $39,633,146 in salaries on their books for next season.

This means they can SPEND over $69 million this summer, which is enough to create TWO maximum free agent contract slots*

*they still need to shave another million dollars in order to offer, lets say Kevin Durant AND Kyrie Irving – max contracts; they need $70.85 million to make that happen

The Nets, like the Knicks, now have a clear opportunity to be major players this offseason. They can offer Kevin Durnat the same deal of playing in New York as the Knicks can, but they could argue Irving would prefer to play there, and hang their hats on a much more well-run organization than their counterparts.

If Irving is the apple of their eye, any other pairing could be in the picture, he and Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, etc. They can afford it.

No more news about who saw who in the club last night, this is a REAL story, and the pecking order over the elite of the elite just got a LOT more interesting.

Stay tuned.

Salary cap figures taken from Basketball-Reference

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