What to Watch this Summer for Boston Sports Fans

Thank God I’m just a bandwagon Bruins fan because that list would have devastated me! Listen, I love sports as much as the next guy but hockey isn’t for me. Maybe next season that’ll change and I’ll understand the game more. But as of now, what should be a kick in the nuts 4-1 loss in a Game 7 feels like a love tap for now.

In this post, I’ll be joined by fellow writer Nick. We’ll be discussing things to look forward to (unless your a Red Sox fan) this summer. Yes, Boston just won 2 championships, but the grind doesn’t stop and neither do we! Let’s get this bad bitch rolling.

*Disclaimer: This was written before game 6 so the NBA side may change. Updates may occur as well. Enjoy!


Red Sox

The Sox have had an up and down year, and currently stand at 35-34 (Credit: ESPN)

As of now, the Red Sox are a mediocre 36-34 with no bullpen. Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski didn’t address the bullpen that sucked ass last regular season (how they were dominant in the postseason is beyond me). Now, the bullpen is blowing saves left and right with an ERA of 4.39. They’ve also given up 129 runs which is good for 17th in the league. I’m not going to blame it all on the relievers though. The starters are 19th in the league with a 4.56 ERA. Eovaldi has been out for some time so it doesn’t help their cause for a repeat.

Maybe Dombrowski trades to help the group out, but lord knows he might just get another decent bat and think offense will solve everything like it did last year. While others signed relievers and starters this offseason, the Sox remained the same. No bueno.

Dombrowski is known for leaving a teams farm system in shambles and completely depleting a team towards the end of his run. Is this the beginning of the end? If this lifeless season continues, then yes, I could see it that way. Especially if or when JD Martinez leaves, same with Mookie since he looks like he doesn’t want to be here.

The 2018 AL MVP hasn’t been the same this season. With a crappy batting average of .263, it’s a far cry from last year’s average of .346. He’s also struck out 45 times and is on pace to surpass his season high in strikeouts (91). Hopefully for Sox fans he can get hot soon because that 6.5 game deficit might grow as the Yankees get healthier and healthier.

I look forward to seeing Dombrowski’s moves and seeing if Mookie Betts can up his play into the MVP caliber player he is. This team is still the reigning champions, but hopefully they don’t get complacent with that. It starts with Cora, so let’s see if he can really manage or if last year was an anomaly.


The Bruins lost Game 7 of the Stanley Cup – at home – in utterly disappointing fashion (Credit: Sports Illustrated)

As I stated above, I’m not the biggest hockey fan in the world. It would be a disservice to you if I gave you false analysis of the Bruins season I knew nothing about. Was I excited for Game 7? Sure! Did I expect them to win? Yeah. Do I care that they lost? Nope!

I look forward to Bruins fans bitching about trading Pasta or Marchand. Knowing them, they’ll probably trade Krejci for a bag of chips and a playboy magazine. The Bruins might have just lost their only opportunity at a Cup for a long time. This was it. This was their last shot to get Boston favorite Zdeno Chara one last championship. But their “Perfect Line” seemed to choke when they were needed. Tisk tisk. Do they do something to make their first line better? Who replaces Chara if he were to retire? Or if he isn’t the same, what to do? What about McAvoy and Krug? Let’s leave that to the “experts.”

Listen, it’s hard to get into hockey when the fans seem to get too personal about it. Bruins fans attacked Jayson Tatum for supporting his hometown St. Louis Blues. He’s from fucking St. Louis, get over yourselves Bruins fans. You didn’t see Celtics fans bashing Mook Morris for loving the Eagles during their Super Bowl run. Get off your pedestal.

Out of 20 Stanley Cup appearances, they’ve won six times. 14 loses in the championship series. The closest is Patriots going 6-5. Celtics? 17 championships (in 21 appearances) speak for themselves. Red Sox? How do four rings in this millennium sound?



Image result for n'keal harry patriots
First round pick N’Keal Harry looks to become a key target for Tom Brady on offense (Credit: Boston Herald)

Ah yes, the other side of the pillow. Remember where we were a year ago thinking it was the end of the road, trouble in paradise, just a matter of time before the dynasty is officially over?

The team goes 11-5, their worst regular season since 2009, Brady had the yips here and there, yet they came into the playoffs and shut EVERYONE up (that includes me, I have receipts to prove it, don’t you worry, we own that shit around here).

The 6-time Super Bowl Champions are in the middle of their offseason, so not too much to report other than the acquisition of TE Michael Roberts from the Lions. It’s going to be interesting how that position pans out this year, with the team bringing back old friend Ben Watson.

I personally LOVED the Patriots draft this year. Players like N’Keal Harry, Joejuan Williams, Chase Winovich, Damien Harris, and more look to add youth to the squad. With second year players like Duke Dawson, Isaiah Wynn, and Ja’Whaun Bentley coming off of IR, and guys like Sony Michel and J.C. Jackson looking to build off of their strong rookie campaigns, the next crop of young studs could already be in New England. I’m hopeful.

The coaching staff is also looking different, and former LB Jerod Mayo looks to be taking the role of play caller on defense as he works with some of the linebackers on the team.

Some change, but more of the same with Bill and Brady in town: winning.

Training camp starts at the end of next month, and the first 2-3 weeks are usually open to the public for free (I went last year, it was HOT, but it was a fun time; bring water!).


Image result for kyrie irving anthony davis
Until otherwise told, the Celtics future hinges around whether the team has some combination of Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis next season (Credit: Sports Illustrated)

Folks, if you don’t already have your notifications set on for Woj, Shams, Chris Haynes, Marc Stein, Ramona Shelbourne, or the other great NBA reports, please do so now. With the NBA Draft coming up next Thursday, and free agency beginning June 30, there is going to be a LOT of news the next 3-4 weeks.

Anthony Davis and Kyrie Irving. I have no idea what is going on. On Wednesday I think I changed my mind about 30 times about if both of them would be on the team or not next season. I won’t rant about that here (follow me on Twitter @Nick_Collins14 for that!) but that will dominate Celtics news moving forward.

The Celtics have 3 first round draft picks next week (numbers 14, 20, and 22), but those could just as easily be moved in a deal for Davis, so I don’t even know what to think about that! Anything could happen.

Some names that the team has been connected to in the draft are Brandon Clarke, Goga Bitadze, Keldon Johnson, Tyler Herro, Bol Bol, and P.J. Washington.

Will any ever suit up for Boston? Will Boston even make a pick in the first round this year? Who will even be on the team next year?

You better figure out which Chipotle Danny Ainge eats at and ask him, because I have no idea… my stepdad actually saw him at one in January, so maybe I could… nah, nevermind.

Non-Boston Things to look forward to

Fredy: I want to see how the Raiders and Antonio Brown react on Hard Knocks. The heel Brown is, he’ll probably look for sympathy for the blowup he had at the end of his tenure with the Steelers. Dudes Nucking Futs! Yeah I meant to mistype that. Nucking. Futs.

Another thing to look out for is NBA free agency. Where does KD go? Does that affect Kyrie? Klay Thompson? Do the Clippers get Kawhi? Do the Kings build around their young core? So much to think about!

Nick: As Fredy said, I want to see how the dominoes fall for free agency this year, as well as where guys like Anthony Davis, Bradley Beal, and maybe players on the Rockets, end up.

As a bandwagon Tiger Woods fan, he should be starting his second round at the U.S. Open soon. I wanna see that guy compete, because it’s just fun. He’s got one more major this summer at the British Open (June 13-16).

Ice Cube’s Big3 league is entering it’s third season, and games will be live on CBS this season on weeknights (not sure the day). This year they’ll add Jason Terry, Gilbert Arenas, and Lamar Odom (among others). Cool way to watch basketball during the summer when baseball gets to be a bit too much, and re-runs of The Office don’t suffice (sorry, still mad at Pam right now).

Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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