Mets suck so bad the Manager Cant help but be a Jerk

The Mets are always going to be losers. Let’s make that clear. And this situation doesn’t help their cause at all.

Yes, the sports media, especially in New York, is the worst. You think Boston is bad? New York has some of the best/worst reporters in the country so I understand when athletes and coaches there are hesitant to go there.

Even when they take the job, it’s hard to maintain a solid composure. I don’t know how Joe Torre did it or how Joe Girardi did it, but it can be done. Apparently Mets manager Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas doesn’t give a flying fuck.

After the Mets bullpen blew a 3-2 lead in the 8th inning in a 5-3 loss to the Cubs, reporters did what they usually do: Question the manager for in-game mistakes. You know, the usual.

An ESPN article details the questions they threw his way.

“Reporters asked repeatedly after the game about Callaway’s decision to stick with reliever Seth Lugo during the eighth inning instead of going to closer Edwin Diaz. Lugo allowed a go-ahead three-run homer to Javier Baez.

After the news conference, Callaway walked past Newsday’s Tim Healey in the clubhouse. Healey told Callaway he would “see you tomorrow,” and Callaway responded by calling him a “m—–f—–.”

Well, that’s not very nice Mickey. I mean, I’d probably be that way if I were 11 games below .500 to start the first two years of my managerial career. But that’s not where it stops. Oh no. Jason Vargas joined in on the action.

Reportedly he had to be separated from Healey after charging at him. He told Healey “I’ll knock you the fuck out, bro”

No bueno. Teams often take their personality from their coach. So Vargas, having a decent career throughout, should have just been a veteran and just defuse the situation, not add onto it. Instead, he sounded like a douchey frat boy. What a tool.

The Mets then released a statement via twitter.

Have fun with that 37-41 record.

Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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