Top 10 Patriots Games Since 2014 (Games 10 through 6)

Football season is around the corner, and I’m beginning to get a little antsy.

As a Patriots fan, I’ve been spoiled with an amazing team my entire life, and a bunch of great games.

The second wave of the Patriot dynasty took off in 2014, as the team won their 4th Super Bowl since 2001.

Plenty of amazing games have been played the past 5 seasons, and I wanted to share my top 10.

Here are games 10 through 6 (games 5 through 1 will drop tomorrow).

10. Super Bowl LIII

Image result for super bowl 53
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick win their 6th Super Bowl with the Patriots, while Julian Edelman wins Super Bowl MVP (Credit: Harry How/Getty Images)

This game was more of a coronation than anything, but it still deserves to be on the list because, well, it was a freaking Super Bowl. Easily the most boring Super Bowl that the Patriots have appeared in since 2001, this game will be remembered for defense. The Patriots absolutely shut down the Los Angeles Rams, holding them to a season-low 3 points. Brady and the offense had a slow time getting going, but he was able to orchestrate a TD drive in the 4th quarter, which included a beautiful reception by Rob Gronkowski (likely the last catch of his NFL career). New England won their third Super Bowl in 5 years, and 6th since 2001. Even if it wasn’t as hectic as the other games on this list, it was still one of the most important.

Highlights can be found here

9. Ravens vs. Patriots on MNF (Week 14, 2016)

This only turned into a fun game because it got close at the end, but still, it was the game in 2016 that made me believe this team had a shot to win it all for a second time in 3 years. The Patriots were 10-2 going into the game, but had yet to have a statement victory. With a rival like the Ravens, this game would be a chance for New England to get that win, even if Baltimore was just 7-5 going into the game. The Patriots held a 23-3 lead in the 3rd quarter, but a muffed punt return gave the Ravens great field position, allowing them to score a TD and get right back into the game. New England proceeded to fumble the ensuing kickoff return, and Baltimore scored another TD, making it 23-17. The Ravens got a FG to make it 23-20 in the 4th, but a long TD to Chris Hogan (in video above) made it a 10-point game, which was enough to win it for New England.

Highlights can be found here

8. Patriots vs. Steelers (Week 15, 2017)

The Steelers are another rival of the Patriots (even though they only seem to beat Tom Brady once every 7 years), and this game came down to the wire. The Patriots were coming off of a loss to the Dolphins a week prior, and had been trailing most of this game. The Steelers were winning 24-19, but went three and out late in the 4th quarter, giving the Patriots the ball back with about 2 minutes to go. In classic Tom Brady fashion, he led a 5-play, 77 yard drive down the field (see: most of those Gronk catches above), which culminated in a touchdown, giving the Patriots the lead. The Patriots went for 2, and succeeded, taking a 27-24 lead. The Steelers got the ball back with 52 seconds on the clock, at which point Big Ben found JuJu Smith-Schuster for a short pass that he was able to take DEEP into Patriots territory. The Steelers then proceeded to score a touchdown… only it was ruled incomplete, as TE Jesse James had not been able to possess the ball. The Steelers got a few yards on their next play, and on 3rd & Goal, went for a fake spike, but Big Ben threw a ball that was deflected, and ultimately intercepted, leading to a Patriots victory.

Highlights can be found here

7. Texans vs. Patriots (Week 3, 2017)

Image result for cooks texans 2017
Brandin Cooks tip-toeing in the endzone for the GW TD (Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

This was a WILD back and fourth game. New England came in 1-1, and a loss would have put the Patriots at 1-2, and given them a second home loss in as many games (Brady had never lost his first two home games in a season). There were 6 lead changes in this game, including when the Texans took a 30-28 lead at the beginning of the 4th quarter. They proceeded to take a 33-28 lead with just over 2 minutes to go. That did not deter the Patriots nor Tom Brady. New England went on an 8-play, 75 yard drive which resulted in a touchdown, which was a beautiful pass from Tom Brady, and spectacular catch by Brandin Cooks. The Pats got a 2-point conversion as well, and went on to win 36-33. After this game, New England won 11 of their next 13 games.

Highlights can be found here

6. Chiefs vs. Patriots (Week 6, 2018)

A wacky Sunday Night game, and a preview of a later thriller. New England came into this game 3-2, while the Chiefs were 5-0. New England had early control of this one, taking a 24-9 lead into halftime. On the third play of the second half, the Patrick Mahomes found Kareem Hunt for a 67-yard score to make it 24-16. After matching field goals, the Patriots had a 27-19 lead. The Chiefs sacked Tom Brady on New England’s next possession, and proceeded to score a TD on a pass to Tyreek Hill, making it 27-26 Pats. New England kicked a FG to make it 30-26 early in the 4th, but after a huge kickoff return to bring the ball to the NE 3, the Chiefs scored another TD, taking a 33-30 lead; for those keeping track at home, the Chiefs had now scored 24 points in just under 24 minutes. The Patriots scored a TD on their next drive to make it 37-33. They then forced the Chiefs to go three and out and to punt, and then the Patriots kicked a FG on their next drive to make it 40-33. The Chiefs only needed one play on their next possession to score, as Patrick Mahomes found Tyreek Hill wide open on a deep pass, culminating in a 75-yard score to tie the game at 40. This was probably the best case scenario New England, as they now had 3 minutes to score and win the game. The Patriots used all that time, moving down the field, which included a pass to Rob Gronkowski that went for 39 yards (in video above), putting New England well within field goal range. Tom Brady “ran” to line up the kick, and a 28-yard FG won the game for New England at 43-40.

Highlights can be found here

Twitter videos from @ftbeard_17 (great follow for Patriots fans!)

Photo above from CBS Sports

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