The NCAA is Garbage

The NCAA has recently changed their criteria on who can become an agent for kids looking to test their market for the NBA Draft. Before, any NBPA-certified agent could become an agent to a student-athlete looking to see if he’s ready for the draft. Now, the NCAA requires that the agent have a bachelor’s degree, certified by NBPA for a minimum of 3 years, and take an in-person exam in Indianapolis, where the NCAA office is located.

If you didn’t think the NCAA was garbage before this news came out, then I’m sorry but you need to hear this. THE NCAA ALREADY MAKES MILLIONS OFF KIDS WHO DON’T GET A PENNY AND GET PUNISHED WHEN THEY SELL STUFF TO GET MONEY FOR FOOD. And now, they want to attack agents, specifically Rich Paul?

Rich Paul, for those of you who don’t know, founded an agency called Klutch Sports Group. His notable clients are LeBron James, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Draymond Green, Ben Simmons, so on and so forth. He did all of this without a bachelor’s degree. He’s helped give power to the players and essentially helped usher in a new era of player movement.

Rich Paul doesn’t have a college degree so this is a kick in the groin for such a prominent agent. He’s a cooler version of Scott Boras. Now? He won’t be able to represent any college kids with these rules. Look what he’s done for LeBron’s brand. Sure, it might have looked more or less the same, but he might still be in Cleveland had he hired the wrong agent.

This doesn’t hurt his chances with top picks in the draft. But it does hurt him having any chance of steering unsure kids into the right direction. Now, all of these other slime ball agents have their shot to take advantage.

NCAA President Mark Emmert via Robert Deutsch/USA Today Sports

So what’s crawling up the NCAA’s ass? Is it the fact that America is realizing how terrible it is that kids generate millions and don’t see a damn penny? Or the fact you can get suspended because you sold a shirt for $100? Or accepted money from boosters praying on vulnerability of some less-fortunate kids?

The NCAA wants to keep the amateurism until they die out. And that means they don’t want athletes to have rights. That’s why the players are always called STUDENT-Athletes. Because they’re students looking for an education, but are being exploited. Student-athlete rights don’t exist.

Rich Paul is everything the NCAA hates. Bringing power to the players. The NCAA wants to make kids as unsure as possible when going pro. It’s all about the money and who do they profit off the most? Students! Zion was probably their most profitable athlete in years and now? Poof! Gone! Off to better things, like having rights and getting money.

The NCAA is the evil empire of sports. But they can be taken down. And as for Rich Paul? Who says he can’t just send somebody NBPA certified who works for him to take the test in Indianapolis? He can work in the shadows. Sounds dark but it’s a reality.

As the NCAA starts to crumble, playing overseas starts to look like a better avenue for players to get paid for their talent. Spend a year overseas playing against pros. Refine your craft, and get paid for it. Then, an NBA career is waiting for you. Hell, Rich Paul would be waiting for you so you can secure the bag.

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