Thrilling 10-3 Packers Victory over the Bears Starts off the NFL Season with a Nice Kick in the Groin

You don’t need to read the title twice.


Yes almost the same score as the last meaningful NFL game played; a 13-3 Patriots Super Bowl victory.

Sure, decently close games to the end, but is it enough to keep the current viewing audience on board with this product?

Aaron Rodgers is supposed to be the 2nd best QB in the NFL, and yet his team only scored 10 points against a Bears defense that although good, aren’t immune to big QB games.

Yet somehow, Rodgers only managed 1 TD.

Sixty minutes of playing time, and all I got was the dog crap on the porch that was left over from last season when they closed the door on the season. But let’s face it, neither you or I (die-hard NFL fans) will stop watching (unless it’s a Bucs vs Bills game or anything close to that nature). But the product was not well received, especially by the fans at Soldier Field.

Mitch Trubisky was essentially booed after every incomplete throw in the second half.

His last couple of chances were capped off with an interception and a sack on 4th down which sealed the game. 26/45 for 228 yards.

That’s called letting your teammates down.

The defense played spectacular all night and you’re telling me with his weapons, Trubisky couldn’t score on a Packers D that hasn’t been elite in forever, while his defense holds a top two QB to one measly TD?

The Packers offensive line looked like the inside of a trash can at a dog park: all shit.

Bryan Bulaga and David Bakhtiari (I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t double check how to spell that), the supposed leaders of the line, all played like crap. Soft as dog shit as a wise man once said. Rodgers looked rattled and frustrated all night. His coach couldn’t do shit the entire game and was lucky to come out of that alive.

Actually, lucky isn’t the right word.

It was there game to win. Yet somehow, I kept expecting them to give it away.

Trubisky sucks. Everyone knows that. When he’s playing QB, opponents will always have a chance at winning. Even Green Bay’s Tramon Williams knows it.

“We knew if we could get Mitchell Trubisky to play QB, we could win.”

Isn’t that embarrassing?

Usually people have something decent to say about the opposing QB, but Trubisky is the type of person you give shit to because you can, because he can’t do anything to defend himself.

More than a handful of times he underthrew or overthrew receivers on routes that could have been an extra 10 yards if he didn’t throw like a Pop Warner QB. His end zone interception was thrown into triple coverage… WHAT A LOSER.

The flags were flying all over the place too.

It seems like every year the NFL adds something to look at or take away.

Clapping at the line of scrimmage is apparently a delay of game now seeming as how Rodgers got called for it.

These refs are too trigger happy and somehow demand to be part of the show.

These leagues, not just the NFL, but the NBA and the dying sport known as baseball, all need to reign in these referees. I should be able to name all the crew members. I shouldn’t have to see a smirk every time they need to exaggerate a call.

Sloppy 1st game that wasn’t a good way to separate itself from the shorty Super Bowl America experienced last year.

Granted, I’m just here to rant. The season should be fun and I would of course choose watching an NFL game over baseball 10/10 times!

Author: Chief

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