Patriots Dominate During Banner Night

If you live under a rock, then you’ll never know how excited Boston is for the Patriots season. Granted, Patriots fans are always excited, but there hasn’t been this much hate for a sports team since KD joined the Warriors. And now? Antonio Brown, the league’s best receiver, has joined the Patriots on a one-year deal. Can you dig it?

You’d think that there was already a max level of excitement because of banner night, but man was that tuned up ten times more when the news of signing Antonio Brown hit airwaves.

And with the rival Steelers coming in to Gillette, every pudgy New Englander was looking to riot.

Through the first couple drives, you could see the Steelers struggling mightily to get anyone open, let alone get a decent drive in. Meanwhile, the Patriots didn’t wait and eventually scored on a 20-yard pass to Josh Gordon in which he broke 3 tackles.

Second quarter, the Patriots are going for the neck at this point and scored ten points, which included a Phillip Dorsett 25-yard TD! By the way, who the hell knew Dorsett was still on the team?

But the offense wasn’t the only thing clicking.

The defense looked spectacular. From the front seven to the DBs, they held the normally explosive Steelers offense to a measly field goal.

ben fat

The dumbest part of that field goal is you’re down by 20 in Gillette Stadium where the Patriots rarely ever lose; you drive down the field from your own 25 all the way down to the 1 yard line in 5 minutes, and then somehow go for the field goal instead of trying to run it in or throw it at least? If you fail, Brady starts at his own 1 instead of the 25 where he’ll have more room to operate. But Tomlin doesn’t think this. Nope let’s play it safe and hope the Patriots aren’t the Patriots the rest of the way. Well, guess what? Patriots scored on a Brady-Dorsett connection two minutes later!

It’s bad enough you constantly lose to the Patriots, but could you at least change your defensive scheme from zone and stop blitzing Brady every time you get the chance?

He’s known to tear up zones and blitzing and that’s what the Steelers do! Why not make adjustments? Your defense isn’t talented enough and your coordinators clearly aren’t good enough to beat the only team that ever stands in your way in the AFC 80% of the time!

The hype train in New England is taking off and it’s going to be a six month journey to Miami where Super Bowl 54 will be held!

Imagine absolutely obliterating the third best team in your conference 33-3, only to add the best WR in the game the following day!

I’m sorry, but I know this is the first game of the season. But when was the last time the Patriots actually looked in sync the first game of the season? Where they actually dismantled their rival? Only to have more help along the way.

16-0? Probably not.

Would I be shocked if they did it? No.

Their schedule is pretty good the first eight games of the season, not facing a single team who made the postseason last year during that stretch.

It’s possible folks.

Unfortunately, the Patriots did lose Marcus Cannon during the game with his timetable and injury not being disclosed yet. But I have faith Dante Scarnecchia will give these lineman a better shot than the 2015 line full of injuries (shoutout to Nick for that).

But in Belichick we trust right?

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I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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