Breaking: Patriots trade for WR Mohamed Sanu

Ever since the debacle with Antonio Brown, the Patriots have been on the market for some type of receiver.

They had inquired on Tampa Bay TE OJ Howard and Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders, but to no avail. With the trade deadline about a week away, the Patriots were desperate to add to an offense that’s been okay during their 7-0 run so far. But with Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman being nagged by injuries, and Phillip Dorsett having missed time, the Patriots needed a WR.

This morning at the ass crack of dawn, the Patriots traded a second round pick for the 30-year-old Mohamed Sanu. Sanu hasn’t been great during his career but he’s a decent receiver.

During his eight years in the NFL (including this season), he’s caught 377 catches and 25 TDs. This year, he’s only caught 1 TD, and has 33 receptions for 313 yards. Kind of an off year, but he’s a enough of a quality receiver that Tom Brady can throw to instead of chucking it into the ground when he sees he has to throw to someone not in his circle of trust.

The Patriots don’t necessarily need Sanu, but it’s nice to add him for depth and possibly get more out of him now that Atlanta has shit the bed and has no possibility for a playoff run.

The rich get richer. That’s it!

Is 16-0 still a possibility? Not like it was with Antonio Brown, but there’s still a slither of a chance.

Lastly, what does Sanu mean for Phillip Dorsett? Probably nothing. He’s been somewhat consistent when he’s played this season. He has four TDs for 243 yards (less than Sanu) and has been one of Brady’s favorite targets this season.

Gronk isn’t walking through that door, Gordon isn’t 100%, and neither is Julian Edelman (who is being asked to do a lot)… the Patriots need someone like Sanu who won’t take over the offense but will just be another weapon for Brady to use.

This was a good pick up for New England.

Author: Chief

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