Week 9 Takeaways (Special Edition)

I’m going to do this a little different this week. I usually focus on four different stories and give you insight on them. Instead, I’m going to give you my thoughts on the Patriots loss to the Ravens.


Because people seem to think every time the Patriots lose the dynasty is finally over… And they’ve been wrong every single time.

Why should we doubt them now?

Here are some notable loses during some Super Bowl seasons for the Patriots:

2003: 31-0 loss to Buffalo

2004: 34-20 loss to Pittsburgh

2014: 41-14 loss to Kansas City

2018: 31-20 loss to Jacksonville

26-10 loss to Detroit

34-10 loss to Tennessee

34-33 loss to Miami (Miami miracle)

17-10 loss to Pittsburgh

That’s right. Some of those nice Super Bowl seasons had horrible losses in the regular season.

31-0 to Buffalo back in 2003.

IMAGINE if Twitter existed in 2003. If this happened now, we’d say screw this season and look for Brady’s replacement.

Sunday’s 37-20 loss was an eye opener for the Patriots not to buy into their own hype.

8-0 was nice for sure, but would you rather lose out on an undefeated season now and find out what your flaws, or realize them when it’s too late during the Super Bowl in the midst of an 18- 0 season? I know that hurts Pats fans but it’s the truth.

Lamar Jackson is the best dual threat QB we’ve seen since Colin Kaepernick (who had the same offensive coordinator as Jackson during his first few years in San Francisco).

Some other things to keep in mind: the Ravens were coming off a bye week, meaning they had two weeks to prepare for this game. Isaiah Wynn isn’t back yet, plus N’Keal Henry isn’t back yet.

The Patriots offense isn’t at its full potential.

Think about it, newly acquired WR Sanu isn’t even fully integrated into the offense, yet he looked great (10 receptions, 81 yards, 1 TD).

After that first quarter burst for 17 points, the Patriots defense allowed two touchdowns the rest of the game (Marlon Humphrey and the Ravens defense got a touchdown).

The Patriots out scored the Ravens offense 20-14 (despite Edelman fumbling).

Even after the fumble return for a TD, the Patriots answered with a score.

The offense had its trouble, but with Wynn coming back and replacing Newhouse, the line will see better days… that is if Shaq Mason plays up to his 2018 self.

The Patriots are fine.

Last year, we saw three awful losses towards the end of the year. We all thought there was no justification in believing in them in the playoffs.

But what did they do?

Curb stomp the Chargers, give a people’s elbow to Kansas City, and absolutely embarrass the incredible Rams offense.


Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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