Week 11 Takeaways

Week 11 is over and we still have no idea who the best team in the league is. Is it the 9-1 Patriots and 49ers who have the best record, or is it the 8-2 Ravens who have absolutely smacked their opponents these past few weeks? I’m not sure. But what I do know is I still can’t buy into what the Vikings are trying to sell me. Also, I can’t write about this past week without mentioning Myles Garrett being an absolute dumbass.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The Patriots

brady sacked
Jim Davis/Boston Globe

I’ll be honest, I’m as big of a Patriots fan as they come. However, since starting this website, I’ve tried to put those feelings aside and be critical. I’m sorry to our lord and savior Tom Brady, but this offense is horrendous. Most of it isn’t Brady’s fault (other than the awful INTs he’s thrown).

The offensive line is banged up and when that happens, you get the 2015 Patriots where Tom Brady did all he could to go save an awful offense from falling apart.

Marshall Newhouse is probably the worst lineman I’ve ever seen. You just jog around him and boom you get a piece of Brady. Not to mention they can’t get the running game going. It hurts when Develin is out too, but man, Shaq Mason and Marcus Cannon need to do something to step it up. With the addition of Isaiah Wynn replacing the dumpster fire that is Newhouse, there’s a chance the line looks as decent as it did against the Steelers. There’s hope, but man is it slim.

Best team in the League

Getty Images

I don’t know if Nick has this, but I’ll say it. The Ravens are the best in the league as of now. Who’s to say they’re the same later on? Maybe they’re worse? But the way I look at it, they’ve beaten the crap out of the Seahawks, Patriots, and Texans.

Lamar Jackson can throw the ball folks. But more importantly, he’s a better version of Michael Vick. The threat of running or throwing is throwing defenses off mainly because Jackson has the unreal speed and quick reaction needed to be successful in running the read option. Yes, a college offense is succeeding again in the NFL, but we’ll see how long it lasts. But for now, the Ravens are battle tested and have proven they aren’t afraid of the Sith Empire (New England).

Myles Garrett

myles garrett
Via Sports Center

The Browns are a struggling team that have completely fell short of playoff expectations. A coach in over his head, an offensive line that blows (sensing a theme here?), and a defense with a slew of injuries will do that.

In spite of that, they still have a punchers chance at the playoffs. But, that’ll be difficult without Myles Garrett, their best defensive player.

With eight seconds left, Garrett hit Steelers QB Mason Rudolph and took him to the ground, a normal football play. What wasn’t normal was what happened on the ground. Rudolph thought it was a good idea to hit Garrett in the nuts and try to take his helmet off while they were both on the ground. This triggered Garrett like any man would. He proceeded to take Rudolph’s helmet off and beat him with it. THERE WAS 8 SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME!

No player should ever hit another player outside of football sacks, tackles, or blocks. And to do it with a helmet? What the hell was the guy thinking? But I’m not putting the entire blame on Garrett. He reacted awful yes, but what would you do if another grown man tried to kick your nuts and rip your helmet off?

But since this is the NFL, Garrett and a few others involved in the fight were suspended, with Garrett being suspended for the remainder of the season while Rudolph got off unscathed. It’s bullshit but my god, there was 8 seconds left! You couldn’t wait? Just call Rudolph a bitch! Awful composure in a critical spot for your team.

With that being said: SUSPEND RUDOLPH TOO!

Sell the Vikings

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
via NBC Sports

I’ll keep this short and sweet. Kirk Cousins is a weak-minded individual who openly apologized to his wide receivers for sucking. My god, step up and throw better in silence. Let your game do the talking!

Cousins has sucked for these past few years and is only being saved by the Vikings defense and how good their receiving core is. I can’t see this team coming out of Wild Card weekend. Just can’t. If I’m a betting man, I’d rather put my money on Theilen yelling at Cousins again.

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