Week 12 Takeaways

It’s getting closer and closer. The NFL playoffs are a little over a month away and I can’t wait! Its up for grabs with no one team being years ahead of others and bubble teams with decent shots at making noise, while some are seeing their hopes of making the playoffs wash away. Not only that, but we have a potential Super Bowl preview coming up that’ll make anyone feel the need to watch.

And one more thing, do we freak out when other QB’s from around the league have bad games? Because we do when Tom Brady has them.

Lets dive into it.

Playoff Hopes are Dwindling

Nobody saw the Rams being this bad this season. Coming off their Super Bowl 53 loss to the Patriots, its clear the Rams aren’t focusing this season. They have the weapons and a decent defense to back it up, but their QB Jared Goff just fucking blows. And you know what they did to fix that? Nothing. I’m not sure there was anything to do. But since Todd Gurley’s knees have arthritis, they’ve had to lighten his work load and can’t run the offense through him, they should have made a play on a running back in the trade market. But, they did something dumber.

They traded two first round picks for cornerback Jalen Ramsey to bolster up the defense after doing away with cornerback Marcus Peters. You know what that did? Nothing. They still lost to a Pittsburgh team who doesn’t have a good QB on staff, and was just obliterated by the Ravens 45-6. Oh, and did I mention Marcus Peters picked off Goff in that game? Not only could I enjoy the demise of the in the Super Bowl last year, but seeing them crumble during the regular season is great too.

They’re two games behind the Vikings who’ve been streaking as of late (still don’t buy into them). If the Rams have any chance of getting back to the playoffs, they better hope their QB gets his shit together; but thats looking less likely by the day. They also better hope the Vikings collapse down the stretch.

Super Bowl Preview

Speaking of the Rams, their opponent, the Ravens, have put the league on notice. Since losing the Browns in week 4, they’ve averaged 35.8 ppg and have held opponents to an average of 14.5 ppg (8.6 ppg last three games) on there seven game win streak (9-2 overall record).

Meanwhile , the 49ers have the full respect for the league. This past Sunday, they held the division leading Packers to 8 points (I’ll explain this later) and are 10-1 so far this season.

Two really good teams who’ve just beat the crap out of other really good teams meet head on? LETS GO!

The 49ers defense is looking better than the defense they had with Jim Harbaugh all those years ago. They’re first in the NFL in opponents total yards per game with 248 yards per game. They’re second in opponents ppg with 14.8. They’re a powerhouse on defense who have a good enough offense to compete with the best of them; they’re second in scoring only behind Baltimore.

Both the Ravens and 49ers are the hottest teams in the NFL right now and are in control of the momentum we’ve all seen needed in a playoff run (see Giants every time they win a goddamn Super Bowl).

Anyways, the two best teams in the NFL are going to go at it on Sunday, and most likely in Miami for the Super Bowl.

Will Lamar Jackson shine against the second best defense in the NFL? Will Jimmy G be able to do his part and propel the offense against a Rams defense that doesn’t give two shits? There are so many questions that will be answered Sunday at 1 Pm!

Lets Freak out

Every time Tom Brady plays good teams and throws under 200 yards or throws an interception, the world loses its mind. He won a Super Bowl last year and had a decent season and yet we question him like he’s a fraud. So lets see Aaron Rodgers performance against the 49ers.

104 yards and one TD to show. Wow, his career must be on the edge of a cliff with this performance! He has an adequate running back and receivers to face a defense like that. It only begs the question, do the Packers need to start the search for a new QB?

The Packers aren’t good anymore! Face it people, they’re done!

See how stupid I just sounded there? That’s what it sounds like with the Patriot takes. The Packers don’t suck and neither do the reigning champs or their 10-1 record.

Bubble Teams in the AFC

There have been major pushes for the final wild card spot. Its a four-way tie between the Steelers, Raiders, Colts, and Titans. The Steelers have the final spot for now, but who knows what’ll happen these next few weeks? Maybe the Titans get in behind the great play of Ryan Tannehill (10 TDs and 3 INT), or the Raiders could sneak in with their all around team play, maybe the Colts could string something together, but its getting more difficult with Marion Mack out and their skill position injuries coming at the worst times.

All I know is we are in for a treat with teams playing for their lives these next few weeks!

That about wraps this up. There’s always more news and takeaways so I won’t be able to get them all! But, feel free to comment on what you took away from this past week or matches you’re looking forward to!

Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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