NFL Head Coaching Tracker 2.0

If you remember last year, I ran a head coaching tracker, a page where fans could see daily updates about news regarding the various head coaching vacancies in the NFL. Last year saw 8 teams fire and subsequently replace their head coach. This year we have already seen two teams move on from their head coaches (Washington and Carolina), with a handful more likely to make changes.

What you’ll see now is me begin to set up what the coaching tracker will look like below, and I’ll list some names I think you’ll hear a lot about in the coming weeks; when interviews begin, this will change into a section to show you the coaches that are getting the most interviews.

Buckle up!

Note: I list someone as a candidate when another reporter does so officially, or an interview has been requested, scheduled, or taken place. Otherwise, any mentioning of a name (done so by at least one verified reporter) will mean that person is just linked to the job.

Current Openings


Image result for dwayne haskins
Dwayne Haskins will be the main attraction of this opening (Credit: Buckeyes Wire)

Former coach: Jay Gruden

  • Interim coach: Bill Callahan


  • Ron Rivera (former Panthers head coach)
    • hired December 31

Names linked to the job

  • Urban Meyer (former Ohio State head coach)
  • Marvin Lewis (former Bengals head coach)
  • Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs offensive coordinator)

Thoughts: The person who takes this job will be working under Dan Snyder, which has never been a good for the person who isn’t Snyder. Since he bought the team in 1999, the team has had 7 full-time head coaches, none of which have reached 6 seasons. The team is considering firing their longtime head football executive Bruce Allen, but the problems for this team have always stemmed from the owner. Take this job at your own peril.

My choice: Marvin Lewis

Since Gruden was fired, you’ve heard names like Mike Tomlin and Urban Meyer tied to this gig, but I doubt either take the job. You might not come away impressed from Lewis’ time in Cincinnati, but just look at the Bengals this season. I believe it was time for them to move on, but you also have to acknowledge how impressive it was he kept that team treading for as long as he did. For someone who has 16 years of experience keeping a poorly run organization afloat, this seems like an ideal fit.


  • Urban Meyer attended a game during Week 15, sitting with owner Dan Synder
  • Ron Rivera has formally been connected to the job, per Ian Rapaport (December 28)
  • President Bruce Allen is expected to be fired, per Ian Rapaport (December 28)
  • Snyder hopes to announce “significant restructuring” on Monday, per Les Carpenter and Mark Maske (December 29)
    • Urban Meyer under consideration for front office role (NOT head coach)
    • Louis Reddick under consideration for GM
    • Ron Rivera, Marvin Lewis, and Eric Bieniemy are under consideration for head coach
  • Ron Rivera is seen as the top candidate, and will meet with Washington tomorrow, per Ian Rapaport (December 29)
  • Rivera’s first choice is Washington, per Michael Silver (December 29)
  • According to Mark Maske, Urban Meyer could end up in the Washington front office, but would prefer to pursue a coaching role (December 29)
  • Bruce Allen has been fired as president of the team (December 30)
  • Multiple sources expect Ron Rivera to be the head coach by the end of the day (December 30)
  • Ron Rivera officially hired (December 31)

NEXT HEAD COACH: Ron Rivera (former Carolina Panthers Head Coach)

This one happened quickly, as Rivera, who was expected to be pursued by other teams, only interviewed with Washington. For Washington, this is yet another chance to start fresh, similar to Mike Shanahan in 2010, and Jay Gruden in 2014. Rivera becomes the 8th coach hired by Daniel Snyder, and quite frankly will be going into one of the more toxic situations in North American sports. When Rivera was fired by Carolina, nothing but rave reviews came out about his leadership, which is exactly what this franchise needs. He can’t change who the owner is, but he can be that leader on the field, ushering in a new era behind Dwayne Haskins, and possibly Chase Young. This is going to be a hard job to succeed at, but if Snyder finally does allow his restructured football operations and Rivera to do what they’re being paid for, things could change for the better. Washington found a great coach, one who has not seen the game pass him by, and one who has plenty to offer if given the right support and resources. I like this hire, but just hope Snyder can finally learn to step back, or else this will fail like the previous 7 head coaches under his tenure. We’ll see.

– Hired December 31

Carolina Panthers

Image result for christian mccaffrey
With a new owner, this is a chance to set the direction of this franchise for years to come (Credit: Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images)

Former coach: Ron Rivera

  • Interim coach: Perry Fewell


  • Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs offensive coordinator)
    • scheduled to interview January 2
  • Josh McDaniels (Patriots offensive coordinator)
    • scheduled to interview January 7
  • Matt Rhule (Baylor head coach)
    • scheduled to interview January 6; interview complete
  • Perry Fewell (Panthers interim head coach)
    • scheduled to interview January 8
  • Kevin Stefanski (Vikings offensive coordinator)
    • scheduled to meet January 9

No longer being considered

  • Mike McCarthy (Cowboys head coach)

Thoughts: The franchise will have to determine what the course of action will be regarding Cam Newton, but I am a believer in those in charge. The Panthers have been one of the more well-run teams since they entered the league, and I believe owner David Tepper will continue that trend. He is asking the right questions and seems keen on identifying and hiring a strong candidate. Even if Newton is not back, the person who is hired will have all the resources they need to steer this team in the right direction moving forward.

My choice: Greg Roman

You’re going to hear Roman’s name a lot. Either as a candidate or with teams looking to replicate the success he’s had in Baltimore this season, the league will be enamored with the Ravens offensive coordinator. When describing what he wants in the next head of the Panthers, David Tepper said “the right mix of old-school discipline and toughness with modern and innovative processes” was key. Roman, 47, has an old-school type of philosophy with his run-first approach on offense, but has done so in an innovative manner with the 49ers, Bills, and Ravens. He’s a long-time assistant, and as seen with Lamar Jackson this season, can instill a dominate offense. Baltimore’s use of analytics should bode well for Roman’s candidacy, and I think this would be a great fit.


  • Panthers interview Mike McCarthy (December 23) (Schefter)
  • Albert Breer says there is a 50/50 chance McDaniels would leave the Patriots for the Browns or Panthers (December 26)
  • Ian Rapaport reports McCarthy has interviewed for the job twice, and impressed; also noted Josh McDaniels, Matt Rhule, and Eric Bieniemy should draw interest (December 28)
  • According to Adam Schefter, the Panthers have requested permission to interview Josh McDaniels (December 30)
  • Ian Rapaport says Josh McDaniels and Matt Rhule are the top two names to watch (December 30)
  • According to Ian Rapaport, Eric Bieniemy will interview with the Panthers on Thursday, January 2 (December 31)
  • Josh McDaniels plans to conduct his interviews Friday, January 10, according to Ian Rapaport (January 2)
  • The Panthers are currently scheduled to meet with Perry Fewell on Wednesday, January 8, according to Josina Anderson (January 4)
  • Team plans to interview Kevin Stefanski on Thursday, January 9, according to Dan Graziano (January 4)
  • According to Ian Rapaport, Matt Rhule will interview with the Panthers Monday, January 6 (January 4)
  • According to Adam Schefter, Kevin Stefanski will interview with the team on Thursday, January 9 (January 6)
  • Not clear when McDaniels will meet with Carolina, but he still plans to, according to Albert Breer (January 6)
  • According to Adam Schefter, Josh McDaniels will interview with Carolina on Tuesday, January 7 (January 6)
  • Interview with McDaniels was set to take place January 7, but it was reported before 10 AM that the team would hire Matt Rhule, worried about the possibility of losing him to the Giants, who he was supposed to interview with later in the day (January 7)

NEXT HEAD COACH: Matt Rhule (Baylor Head Coach)

I was somewhat perplexed by this hire. I knew Rhule was a top candidate, and I believed he would get a job this offseason, but everything seemed to be pointing towards him going to the Giants. Still, I don’t think it was a bad move. I believe Rhule is a program-builder, and the type of college coach that can make the transition to the NFL. I made an analogy recently comparing him to Brad Stevens. I’m not sure how much of an X’s and O’s guy he is, but his track record speaks for itself, and teams have taken notice. It is being reported the Panthers signed Rhule for 7 years, which is a number I haven’t seen for a new coach based off of recent memory, but I like it. I believe owner David Tepper understands if you’re going to build a new program, you need time, and that’s what he’s giving Rhule. This does not mean Rhule will make it through this deal, but it’s a show of support, a sign that unless things go drastically wrong from the start, Rhule will have a chance to institute his vision for a successful NFL program, similar to the timeline given to Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco (which took until Year 3 to truly take off). Not as much of a sure thing as the first two hires of this coaching cycle, but I’m not opposed to it.

– Hired January 7

Cleveland Browns

Image result for baker mayfield"
After a promising rookie season, Baker Mayfield now seems like a question mark (Credit: Stew Milne/USA TODAY Sports)

Former coach: Freddie Kitchens


Interview Complete

  • Greg Roman (Ravens offensive coordinator)
  • Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs offensive coordinator)
  • Robert Saleh (49ers defensive coordinator)
  • Brian Daboll (Bills offensive coordinator)
  • Jim Schwartz (Eagles defensive coordinator)
  • Kevin Stefanski (Vikings offensive coordinator)
  • Josh McDaniels (Patriots offensive coordinator)

Interview requested but not scheduled

  • Mike LaFleur (49ers passing-game coordinator)
  • Mike McDaniel (49ers run game coordinator)

Names linked to job

  • Urban Meyer (former Ohio State head coach)
  • Dennis Allen (Saints defensive coordinator)

No longer being considered

  • Mike McCarthy (Cowboys head coach)

Thoughts: The expectations were sky high this season, and the Browns put an experienced coach into the fire, and the results were not pretty. Cleveland was 6-7 and seemed to be salvaging their season, but lost 3 straight to finish 2019. It was not what many expected with all the talent the team had accumulated, as well as how well Baker Mayfield did as a rookie. A new coach might have to deal with Jarvis Landry or Odell Beckham being traded, but a ton of talent (and Baker) will still be here. However, the culture must change if this team ever wants to move forward.

My Choice: Josh McDaniels

I’ve vouched for Mike McCarthy to get this job for awhile, but I don’t think it’s the course of action John Dorsey wants to take. McDaniels was connected to this job last year, but never interviewed for it. It’s been reported there is interest again, and I think McDaniels takes a look at Baker Mayfield and the talent here, the fact Bill Belichick looks more entrenched in New England than a year or two ago, and decides to make a clean break. This job won’t be easy, but with a second chance as a head coach and a veteran and experienced GM, plus a talent base to build around, if everyone is on the same page, this could work.


  • Albert Breer says there is a 50/50 chance McDaniels would leave the Patriots for the Browns or Panthers (December 26)
  • According to Michael Lombardi, Matt Rhule is not interested in this job (December 29)
  • Tom Pelissero says Urban Meyer, Josh McDaniels, and Mike McCarthy are “some big names worth monitoring” in relation to this opening (December 30)
  • According to Adam Schefter, the Browns have requested permission to interview Josh McDaniels (December 30)
  • Adam Schefter reports the Browns have requested permission to interview Greg Roman (December 30)
  • Ian Rapaport lists Kevin Stefanski and Dennis Allen as names to watch for this job (December 30)
  • The Browns have requested permission to interview Robert Saleh, per Adam Schefter (December 30)
  • Browns are expected to interview Mike McCarthy, per Ian Rapaport (December 30)
  • Brian Daboll is set to interview with Cleveland, per Tom Pelissero (December 30)
  • Adam Schefter confirms Matt Rhule officially declined a chance to interview for this opening (December 31)
  • Albert Breer reports Cleveland has requested to interview Greg Roman (December 31)
  • Cleveland is expected to interview Mike LaFleur and Mike McDaniel, per Adam Schefter (December 31)
  • According to Tom Pelissero, the Browns have requested to interview Eric Bieniemy (December 31)
  • According to Ian Rapaport and Adam Schefter, Browns GM John Dorsey’s future with the team looks to be in “serious doubt” (December 31)
  • John Dorsey is officially no longer with the organization (December 31)
  • The Browns will interview Mike McCarthy on Thursday, January 2, per Mary Kay Cabot (January 1)
  • Cleveland officials will head to Santa Clara this weekend (January 4-5), but Robert Saleh is the only person they plan to interview at this time according to Ian Rapaport (January 1)
  • According to Bruce Feldmon, the team has “strong interest” in Urban Meyer (January 2)
  • Josh McDaniels plans to conduct his interviews Friday, January 10, according to Ian Rapaport (January 2)
  • The Browns will interview Brian Daboll on Sunday, January 5 in Buffalo, according to Mary Kay Cabot (January 2)
  • When asked about Urban Meyer, owner Jimmy Haslam says the team is focused on a coach with NFL coaching experience (January 2)
  • The Browns announce they will interview Greg Roman Thursday, January 2 (January 2)
  • The Browns announce they will interview Eric Bieniemy Friday, January 3 (January 3)
  • According to Tom Pelissero, Kevin Stefanski will interview with the Browns, with the date depending on how the Vikings game goes January 5 (January 4)
  • Browns push back interview with Brain Daboll, who was originally scheduled to meet with the team on Sunday, January 5 (January 5)
  • According to Albert Breer, Josh McDaniels will meet with the Browns on Friday, January 10 (January 6)
  • According to Adam Schefter, the team could meet with Kevin Stefanski on Thursday, January 9 (note, Stefanski interviewed for the job last year and was considered a finalist) (January 6)
  • Adam Schefter reports that the Browns requested permission to interview Jim Schwartz, and the team plans to meet with Schwartz soon (January 6)
  • Adam Schefter reports the remaining interview schedule for the Browns, which confirms the team will meet with Jim Schwartz Wednesday, January 8 (January 7)
  • Ben Volin reports that the Browns hope to have a coach hired by January 10 or 11, and that Josh McDaniels, Kevin Stefanski, and Brian Daboll are seen as the three finalists (January 10)
  • Albert Breer implies in a tweet the job could be down to 2-3 candidates (McDaniels, Stefanski, Saleh) (January 11)
  • Team officially hires Kevin Stefanski

NEXT HEAD COACH: Kevin Stefanski (Vikings Offensive Coordinator)

Stefanski, 37, has been with Minnesota since 2006, rising through the ranks from a low level assistant to offensive coordinator, and under three different head coaches. I think someone who rises through the ranks and proves their worth in this manner clearly must be doing something right. He was the second choice of the Browns a year ago (reported first choice of chief analyst Paul DePodesta), and gets a shot with the organization now. He was not my first choice due to his lack of experience as a head coach, but I don’t dislike the hire. There are already reports an ideal GM pairing could soon take place with Andrew Berry (currently with the Eagles), and if chemistry can actually form in the front office, helping create stability for the coaching staff, the team will be in good shape. Some think Stefanski is not the reason for the Vikings offensive success in 2019, citing Gary Kubiak’s involvement, but I disagree, and Stefanski has a track record as QB coach to prove he isn’t a slouch. The Browns still have talent, and if Stefanski brings in the right people with the same vision, this team has a chance to be good. Having no head coaching experience will be tough, but this team needs to figure out how to help Baker Mayfield succeed, and if Stefanski can do that, Cleveland could have a chance at escaping the cellar.

New York Giants

Image result for daniel jones saquon"
Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley make this gig very appealing (Credit: New York Giants)

Former coach: Pat Shurmur


  • Josh McDaniels (Patriots offensive coordinator)
    • scheduled to interview January 8
  • Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs offensive coordinator)
    • scheduled to interview January 4; interview complete
  • Kris Richard (Cowboys defensive backs coach)
    • scheduled to interview January 2; interview complete
  • Don “Wink” Martindale (Ravens defensive coordinator)
    • scheduled to interview January 4; interview complete
  • Joe Judge (Patriots special teams head coach)
    • scheduled to interview January 6; interview complete
  • Jason Garrett (former Cowboys head coach)

No longer being considered

  • Ron Rivera (Washington head coach)
  • Mike McCarthy (Cowboys head coach)
  • Matt Rhule (Panthers head coach)

Thoughts: This is a historic job, and although things in the present have been sloppy, there are pieces here to be happy about. Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are pillars for a great offense, and the Giants will have another top pick in this year’s draft. The roster is not yet where it needs to be, but if given the right attention, in 1-2 years, if you build a good team around those offensive pieces, there’s a lot of potential for success with the Giants. The Giants do need to pick a shared vision, a path, and give the next coach time to stay in the job, as none of this has seemed to be the case since Coughlin left after 2015.

My Choice: Dave Toub

Time to tap into the Andy Ried coaching tree. I like either Toub or Eric Bieniemy for this job, but the past two head coaches of the Giants have been offensive-minded guys with little-to-no experience (coaching the Browns doesn’t count, Shurmur), Tourb would be a change of course. Toub, a special teams coordinator, has been called a “true teacher, and someone with an understanding of both sides of the football,” according to Conor Orr of SI, and might not jump off the page, but neither did John Harbaugh in 2008 with Baltimore. He’s got a ton of experience, and would be the leader this organization needs, and has lacked at the position since the Tom Coughlin Era.


  • Ian Rapaport reported in November that the Giants could be a landing spot for Jason Garrett if he were to be fired by Dallas (November 24)
  • Ian Rapaport had reported the Giants would have likely been interested in meeting with Ron Rivera (December 28)
  • Albert Breer reports that Jason Garrett and Matt Rhule have been “mentioned” in connection to the job (December 30)
  • Multiple sources are connecting Matt Rhule to the job, with Chris Mortensen saying he is “prominent” in the search (December 30)
  • According to Adam Schefter, the Giants have requested permission to interview Josh McDaniels (December 30)
  • According to Adam Schefter, the Giants have requested permission to interview Eric Bieniemy (December 30)
  • According to Josina Anderson, Kris Richard will interview with the Giants on Thursday, January 2 (December 30)
  • Giants expected to interview Mike McCarthy, per Adam Schefter (December 31)
  • Giants requested to interview Don “Wink” Martindale, per Ian Rapaport (December 31)
  • According to Adam Schefter, the Giants have requested to interview Joe Judge (December 31)
  • According to Ian Rapaport, Eric Bieniemy will interview with the Giants on Saturday, January 4 (December 31)
  • Don “Wink” Martindale will interview with the Giants on Saturday, January 4, according to Peter Schrager (January 1)
  • Mike McCarthy will interview with the Giants “later this week,” which will probably mean Friday, January 3 due to interviewing with Cleveland tomorrow, per Ian Rapaport (January 1)
  • Josh McDaniels plans to conduct his interviews Friday, January 10, according to Ian Rapaport (January 2)
  • According to Ian Rapaport, Matt Rhule is likely to interview with the Giants on Tuesday, January 7 (January 4)
  • Ian Rapaport reports that the Giants will meet with Joe Judge on January 6 (January 5)
  • According to Adam Schefter, Matt Rhule will interview with the team on Tuesday, January 7, and Josh McDaniels will interview with the team on Wednesday, January 8 (January 6)
  • According to ProFootballTalk, the Giants have requested permission to interview Jason Garrett (still under contract with Dallas) (January 7)
  • The team has hired Joe Judge as head coach in the wake of Matt Rhule being hired by the Panthers. Some reports state this was in the works prior to Rhule deciding to go to Carolina and allegedly asking the Giants to convince him to still meet with the team on Tuesday, January 7 (January 7)

NEXT HEAD COACH: Joe Judge (Patriots Special Teams/Wide Receivers Coach)

I am stunned by this hire, and I know I’m not alone. Throughout the years of this most recent Patriots run, we’ve become familiar with the likes of Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia, and Brian Flores. The latter have become NFL head coaches, and McDaniels has been a coveted candidate in years past (and could still be hired)… but Joe Judge? I know special teams is crucial to team success, but little has Judge ever been tied to the Patriots success there based on my recollection. As you’ll see, I had picked another special teams coordinator for this job (and think they deserve more consideration for head coaching vacancies), but one with much more experience. I did not believe another offensive playcaller with little to no head coaching experience was the answer, but I don’t think the 38-year-old Judge is either. I could be wrong (I often am), and a lot of positive reports about him as a future head coach have come out since, and having the support and backing of Bill Belichick is always a bonus, but this is a gamble. Gambles do pay off, but for a franchise that is hiring it’s third coach since Tom Coughlin left after 2015, is this a risk worth taking? We’ll know by the end of 2021, right around the time the Giants tend to fire head coaches now.

– Hired January 7

Dallas Cowboys

Image result for jerry jones dak"
This team has the talent to win, but can they find the right chef to make a Super Bowl course? (Credit: CBS Sports)

(Soon to be former) Head coach: Jason Garrett


  • Mike McCarthy (former Packers head coach)
    • scheduled to interview January 4; interview complete
  • Marvin Lewis (former Bengals head coach)
    • scheduled to interview January 4; interview complete

Names linked to job

  • Urban Meyer (former Ohio State head coach)
  • Lincoln Riley (Oklahoma head coach)
  • Matt Rhule (Baylor head coach)
  • Mike Zimmer (Vikings head coach)
  • Dan Campbell (Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach)
  • Gary Kubiak (Vikings assistant head coach)
  • Dan Mullen (Florida head coach)

Thoughts: The Cowboys have been chasing the success of ghosts for over 20 years now, and nothing has changed. Dallas had a talented core this season, but was unable to produce, something that happened more often than not under Garrett. The next coach will have to deal with Jerry Jones, a challenge for even the coaches of the 1990s who won Super Bowls. Stability is no guarantee, but working with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot on offense, then Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith on defense, they have pieces. However, the pressure to win now will be sky high.

My Choice: Urban Meyer

I originally had Matt Rhule here, but since momentum seems to be leading to him going to the Giants, I’m going with Meyer. Like Rhule, Meyer is a program builder, and has a track record of bringing innovative offenses with him. Meyer is one of the best college coaches of his generation, and would be an outside presence for an organization that needs a fresh perspective after Jason Garrett’s tenure. Jerry Jones will always be involved, but as he gets older, maybe he’ll be willing to change his ways and try to win a Super Bowl for the first time since 1994. For someone who thinks Nick Saban would have found a way to work in Miami if he stayed a few more years, I believe Meyer is a good enough coach, and will have the resources and talent in Dallas to succeed. Could he be the Pete Carroll of the 2020s? Well, he needs to at least try in the NFL in order for it to happen.


    • Ian Rapaport says Urban Meyer, Lincoln Riley, Matt Rhule, and Ron Rivera could all be coaches the Cowboys are interested in, and said a trade for Mike Zimmer (former Cowboys assistant) is something unorthodox that could be considered (December 28 & 29)
    • On Football Night in America, Mike Florio says Dan Campbell, Gary Kubiack, and Mike Zimmer are names to keep an eye out for (December 29)
    • During a segment on ESPN’s “Get UP,” Dan Mullen is brought up as a possibility for this job; remember, he coached Prescott at Mississippi State (December 31)
    • Meeting have taken place between the Jones family and Jason Garrett, but Garrett (who’s contract expires January 14) has not yet been fired
    • According to Ian Rapaport, the team is meeting with Mike McCarthy on Saturday, January 4 (today), and “laying the groundwork” for a coaching search (January 4)
    • Ian Rapaport reports the team is focusing on coaches with former NFL head coaches, says to keep an eye on Marvin Lewis (January 4)
    • The Cowboys will meet with Marvin Lewis today (January 4), according to Todd Archer (January 4)
    • Update: team has ALREADY met with Marvin Lewis, per Ian Rapaport (January 4)
    • According to Ian Rapaport, the team will “take the temperature” of Lincoln Riley and his interest in this job (January 5)
    • The team announced that Jason Garrett will no longer be the head coach, officially severing ties with him (January 5)
    • Mike McCarthy officially hired (January 6)

NEXT HEAD COACH: Mike McCarthy (former Green Bay Packers head coach)

The Cowboys finally announced Jason Garrett was fired the night of January 5, and before noon on January 6 they hired McCarthy. The former Packers coach will bring a fresh culture to a team in dire need of one. McCarthy’s track record in Green Bay having worked with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers bodes well for the future of Dak Prescott and the Cowboys offense. McCarthy has taken his year off of coaching and used it to reflect and adapt, learning ways to implement analytics into his approach as well as refine his own previous faults. He sounds like he’s ready to move past the final 2 seasons he had in Green Bay, and the perception that he somehow held Aaron Rodgers back. The Cowboys will have a talented roster, and an owner hungry to win. As always, Jerry Jones’ influence will loom large, but for as much as he is involved, the Cowboys generally assemble a good roster year-after-year. If McCarthy can have proper authority and is allowed to do his job, I think this could be a perfect fit for the next few years.

– Hired January 6

Last updated January 11 at 10:56 PM

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