Week 16 has come and gone! Only two more weeks until football completely consumes a man’s entire weekend and their girlfriend or significant other will be pissed! So get ready for that fight.

Anyways, we’ve learned quite a few things this pass weekend, from a team maybe finding their stride, to someone who is definitely getting fired, a good team getting eliminated from playoff contention, and the last spot in the AFC still being up for grabs!

Patriots Show Life

New England seemed to come back to life this past weekend against the Bills. This Bills team is different than years past. They seem to actually buy into a system and are well coached and Sean McDermott, and have good talent to back it up. Heading into the contest, the Bills actually had one of the best defenses in the NFL, holding opponents to 16.4 PPG (2nd overall) and 195 passing yards per game (3rd overall). So what was expected of a struggling Patriots offense who only scored 16 points on this defense earlier in the season (and the only touchdown from that game came off a blocked punt)? Not much…

But somehow, THEY FOUND A WAY.

Tom Brady had 271 yards, 1 TD and zero picks. If that’s not an old school Brady game, I don’t know what to tell you. The offense distributed the ball like we’re used to seeing. Brady is trusting tight end Matt LaCosse and N’Keal Harry more and more now as his offensive line is allowing for more time to breathe and comfortably pass in the pocket.

Not only did they pass the ball around, they found room to run it, which we’ve barely seen all year! 96 yards from Sony Michel to help the team gain 143 yards total on the ground (third best output for New England all season)

To score 24 points on an elite defense this late in the season when most of your weapons are injured says something. This could be the beginning of a run similar to what we saw last season, where they figure out the offense the last two or three games in the season. If so, get ready to see the Patriots kick ass in the postseason once again.

Jason Garrett is About to be Fired

Heading into Sunday, the Cowboys held their destiny in their own hands. They just needed to beat a lowly Eagles team and they were good for the playoffs. But for some reason, even with all that talent on the team, head coach Jason Garrett still couldn’t deliver for his team and get them up for the game.

Losing 17-9, Cowboys fans should feel sick. But hey, at least Garrett is about to get fired. That man can’t couldn’t get his team up for the game to save his life. Well, he needed a Super Bowl run to keep his job anyways. Why? Because he has Super Bowl talent on his team and for some reason, come up short every time. If this team wants to grow and take the next step, Garrett needs to get booted and bring in someone to change the attitude of the locker room and get this team up to play!

Rams Eliminated

Speaking of disappointing teams, the Super Bowl runner ups from last season had a tough go at it in 2019, mainly from their $134 million QB Jared Goff. The man couldn’t throw a pebble into the ocean even if he was right next to it.

One factor to the disappointment was that the offense never really ran through Goff when it was at it’s best… It was Todd Gurley’s offense.

Since the star running back was diagnosed with arthritis in his knees, they’ve softened his work load as not to further damage his lower body injuries. Even then, they still have a decent core, but clearly something was missing this year.

Instead of addressing this reality, they decided to get rid of a draft pick and add to their defense by trading for Jalen Ramsey, an overall unnecessary move. But yeah, have fun LA. Having little cap room and overpaying a QB who needs to be coddled is a great investment. Way to pull the trigger early on that one and not wait another year to see what he can do! Dipshits.


One of the teams Nick and I have been playing close attention to are the Titans. They’ve won four out of their last six to finally nab the sixth and final spot in the playoffs for the AFC. But it’s not over until the fat lady sings! Yes, the Steelers still have a chance, but fuck them! Let me tell you what needs to happen for the Jon David Gruden Raiders to make it and take that final spot!

From Week 16 on, the Raiders needed 10 things to happen:

1. Steelers to lose to the Jets

2. Colts win against the Panthers

3. Browns lose at least one more game

4. Titans lose to the Saints

5. Raiders win against the Chargers

6. Need these teams to win Week 17: NE, CHI, LAC, and DET

7. Raiders win vs Broncos (Week 17)

8. Steelers lose to the Ravens (Week 17)

9. Titans lose to the Texans (Week 17)

10. A Colts win against the Jaguars (Week 17)

And guess what? The first 5 have been checked off! There’s still hope Raiders Nation. Put your dangerously aggressive fan attire on next weekend and get ready to live and die by the wackiest playoff scenario I’ve seen in awhile!

Next week is going to be a crazy ride.

With the big Sunday night game being 49ers at Seahawks (Chris Carson is done for season with hip injury) for the division and possibly the first seed in the NFC, and the Raiders actually having a chance at a playoff spot, I’ll be drooling watching these games.

Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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