What Wild Card Weekend Tells us About the Divisional Round

Wild Card weekend was one for the ages. I went two for four with my picks. As for Nick… pray for this man (zero for four).

All jokes aside, this was one of the more unpredictable NFL weekends in quite awhile.

Let’s recap the scores:

Bills 19 – Texans 22 (OT)

Titans 20 – Patriots 13

Vikings 26 – Saints 20

Seahawks 17 – Eagles 9

Only one home team won; that being the Texans who I’ll start with first.

Texans vs Chiefs

Deshaun Watson was sacked seven times during the Bills game with half the blame on the line and half the blame going to Watson for not throwing it away in time and not reading the play well enough.

The Texans were held scoreless and couldn’t tell their hands from their asscheeks at points during the Bills 16-0 lead for the first half and some of the third quarter. But eventually, the Texans found a way to attack this Bills team that actually gave up 24 to a shitty Patriots offense. So I mean, I’m surprised that their defense gave up 22 points after being up 16 but DeAndre Hopkins and Watson are a duo to be feared. That being said…

I think the Chiefs will blow them out.

Why? That Texans defense blows, Watt or no Watt. Mahomes, Hill, And Kelce will light that team up and never give up a lead like that. Also, their defense isn’t too bad so I can’t see them giving up that many points to a struggling Texan team. Nonetheless, we might get a close game because you never know in the playoffs!

Titans vs Ravens

The Titans aren’t afraid of anyone. Not even the 6x Super Bowl champs in New England.

Ryan Tannehill and company don’t give two rats asses who they’re facing. But they should because Lamar Jackson will curb stomp them given the opportunity.

But this matchup is the classic momentum vs an immovable object; who wins? The Titans played lights out to end the season while the Ravens are by far and away the best in the NFL and are clear Super Bowl favorites. Both are fearless and will stop at nothing to win. Love it!

Seattle vs Green Bay

Seattle vs Green Bay has been a great story. The Fail Mary and the NFC Championship Game in 2014. There’s more but I don’t have enough time to recite an entire history.

Seattle defeated the hospitalized Eagles by only 8. To be fair though, both teams were pretty injured for the game and had no way of doing much more. But the return of Marshawn Lynch proved to help the Seahawks with half their running backs injured for the rest of the season. Plus, Russell Wilson’s elusiveness will forever be his greatest weapon. Give him more than three seconds on a play and he’ll be bound to make a throw that has less than a 20% chance of completing.

This Green Bay team has done nothing to impress me all season. Their offense isn’t impressive, their defense is okay. Rodgers hasn’t done anything the past couple years to make me think he can make a roar in the playoffs. If anything, he’s underachieved for being called a Tom Brady equal. Screw the Packers.

Vikings vs 49ers

Kirk Cousins has shown he has balls.

He made throws against New Orleans I thought I’d never see him make. Especially a 43 yard bomb in overtime to Theilen to set up a first and goal from the New Orleans two yard line.

The Vikings as a whole didn’t give two shits who they were facing or where they played. With their weapons finally coming together, we might see a shootout in San Francisco.

But rest assured, Jimmy G and the 49ers will respond to being punched in the face as they’ve done many times this year. And hopefully we get to see an all NFC West Championship game.

Author: Chief

I love sports and everything about it. Growing up, my father and I shared an unbreakable bond watching all 4 Boston sports teams winning championships. I hope you enjoy the blogs we write as much as we enjoy writing them for you!

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