2020 NFL Power Rankings: Week 13

Welcome back to power rankings.

Less than 24 hours before Sunday, we should see all games played tomorrow (not a guarantee this year of course). Once Week 13 is complete, all teams will have played 75% of their games. It seems like a race to finish the season with surges of COVID all across the country.

Roger Goodell has given no signs of doing a bubble for the playoffs (which seems more idiotic by the week if you ask me), so the hope is the NFL’s protocols win the day… I don’t know anymore.

This week I introduced something new: tiers.

These will go in conjunction with my rankings. I figured they’d be a cool way to further rank teams and show everyone how I view them as the playoffs get closer (also more material to yell at me about!) You might see some odd positioning for some teams as I set this up for the first time.

Tier 2 teams: I want you to know I shuffled you all probably 50 different ways and it was not easy; your tier in particular is very fluid!

Enough talking, time for rankings!

Biggest rise: Tennessee Titans (up 5 spots)

Biggest fall: Los Angeles Rams, Carolina Panthers, Chicago Bears (down 4 spots)

Tier 1

Legitimate Super Bowl contenders

1. Kansas City Chiefs (PR: 1)

Record: 10-1 | Week 13 opponent: Denver Broncos (home)

What a game by Mahomes and Hill last week. This team keeps winning, and I’ll continue to say they’re the most well-rounded team in the NFL right now.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (PR: 2)

Record: 11-0 | Week 13 opponent: Washington (home), Monday

The Steelers keep winning too. Big Ben and this offense aren’t bulletproof, but the defense might be.

3. New Orleans Saints (PR: 3)

Record: 9-2 | Week 13 opponent: Atlanta Falcons (away)

Lets not talk about last week’s win. Despite it, another elite defense… but the question will continue to be what their ceiling is with Hill at QB.

Tier 2

Potential to make a deep playoff run

4. Tennessee Titans (PR: 9)

Record: 8-3 | Week 13 opponent: Cleveland Browns (home)

The numbers might not warrant it at times, but I feel like there’s an ability with this group to play their best ball when it matters, as evidenced by last week.

5. Indianapolis Colts (PR: 4)

Record: 7-4 | Week 13 opponent: Houston Texans (away)

They should probably be down a few more spots, but the Colts still boast a top 10 offense and defense, which is typically a sign of a contender (see: top 3 teams).

6. Buffalo Bills (PR: 7)

Record: 8-3 | Week 13 opponent: San Francisco 49ers (away), Monday

This group is still learning how to win, but minus the blowout by Tennessee, they’ve been competitive in every game this season. That matters.

7. Seattle Seahawks (PR: 6)

Record: 8-3 | Week 13 opponent: New York Giants (home)

I’m worrying about the trend of the offense, as Russell Wilson is coming back down to Earth. Combined with their porous defense, they actually drop a spot.

8. Green Bay Packers (PR: 8)

Record: 8-3 | Week 13 opponent: Philadelphia Eagles (home)

Rodgers looked awesome against a very good defense, but I think the Bears are just falling apart. Still, an MVP-caliber season from 12.

9. Los Angeles Rams (PR: 5)

Record: 7-4 | Week 13 opponent: Arizona Cardinals (away)

Just when I give them some credit, they lose. Maybe the 49ers are their kryptonite. Huge game tomorrow.

Tier 3

Should make the playoffs

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (PR: 10)

Record: 7-5 | Week 13 opponent: BYE WEEK

Tampa has lost three of their last 4 games and seem to be heading in the wrong direction, but I truly think they still possess the pieces to make a run. Does the team have the chemistry and discipline to do so?

11. Miami Dolphins (PR: 14)

Record: 7-4 | Week 13 opponent: Cincinnati Bengals (home)

I’ve really enjoyed their rise this season, clearly things are going well under Brian Flores. I hope Tua is given another chance.

12. Cleveland Browns (PR: 15)

Record: 8-3 | Week 13 opponent: Tennessee Titans (away)

Winning is good, and having a power running game is good too, but yet again, you can’t hide Baker forever.

13. Arizona Cardinals (PR: 11)

Record: 6-5 | Week 13 opponent: Los Angeles Rams (home)

I’m honestly surprised they lost last week. This group remains a work in progress, but with tantalizing potential.

14. Baltimore Ravens (PR: 13)

Record: 6-5 | Week 13 opponent: Dallas Cowboys (home), Tuesday

I’m not sure what the rest of the season holds due to the COVID outbreak, but their game against Pittsburgh was admirable.

15. Las Vegas Raiders (PR: 12)

Record: 6-5 | Week 13 opponent: New York Jets (away)

I’ve said all year how last season this group started hot before collapsing to finish 2019. They have to prove that was a fluke.

Tier 4

Could make the playoffs

16. San Francisco 49ers (PR: 16)

Record: 5-6 | Week 13 opponent: Buffalo Bills (home), Monday

The 49ers are a resilient group, with players stepping up and the coaching staff shining… oh yeah, and a new temporary home in Arizona. They still have a shot at the playoffs, which is remarkable.

17. Minnesota Vikings (PR: 18)

Record: 5-6 | Week 13 opponent: Jacksonville Jaguars (home)

They’re still here after a gutsy win versus Carolina. They have to make up for their loss to Dallas, but they aren’t going away.

18. Houston Texans (PR: 20)

Record: 4-7 | Week 13 opponent: Indianapolis Colts (home)

Houston is a long shot to make the playoffs (less than the team below them), but have looked excellent the last 2 weeks. They’re playing for 2021, but doing so quite well.

19. New England Patriots (PR: 22)

Record: 5-6 | Week 13 opponent: Los Angeles Chargers (away)

Speaking of resiliency, last week may have been the best example of that all season. Sure they’ve had too many frustrating losses to count, but the Patriots are still not going away. You have to give them props.

20. Atlanta Falcons (PR: 23)

Record: 4-7 | Week 13 opponent: New Orleans Saints (home)

See: Houston Texans (someone hire Raheem Morris!)

Tier 5

NFL purgatory – not good enough to make the playoffs, not bad enough to tank

21. Carolina Panthers (PR: 17)

Record: 4-8 | Week 13 opponent: BYE WEEK

I feel for this team. Every loss except the ones to Tampa have been by one possession. It’s a young team fighting until the end, but they aren’t there yet.

22. Denver Broncos (PR: 21)

Record: 4-7 | Week 13 opponent: Kansas City Chiefs (away)

It sucked they even had to play given the circumstances, but major props to Kendall Hinton for going under center.

23. Chicago Bears (PR: 19)

Record: 5-6 | Week 13 opponent: Detroit Lions (home)

They’re collapsing, and it’s a real shame. Just goes to show how much can go wrong when you strike out so bad at QB (I’m sorry Mitch, this doesn’t fall solely on your shoulders).

Tier 6

Thank god we’re in the NFC East/time to focus on 2021

24. Washington (PR: 27)

Record: 4-7 | Week 13 opponent: Pittsburgh Steelers (away), Monday

Alex Smith is doing his best out there, and they actually have a very good defense… but this is still a flawed group, yet they could win the division.

25. Los Angeles Chargers (PR: 26)

Record: 3-8 | Week 13 opponent: New England Patriots (home)

We all know they’re more talented than their record indicates (and that goes double for Herbert). I think a coaching change has to take place here.

26. New York Giants (PR: 29)

Record: 4-7 | Week 13 opponent: Seattle Seahawks (away)

They’ve strung together some wins, but last week they lost Daniel Jones. That makes things much harder moving forward.

27. Detroit Lions (PR: 24)

Record: 4-7 | Week 13 opponent: Chicago Bears (away)

Maybe they play in order to salvage their reputations, or maybe this team quits like it appeared they did on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I’m betting on the former.

28. Philadelphia Eagles (PR: 25)

Record: 3-7-1 | Week 13 opponent: Green Bay Packers (away)

Against one of the worst defenses in the NFL, they continued to stink up the joint. There’s not much more to say here, it’s just pathetic.

29. Dallas Cowboys (PR: 28)

Record: 3-8 | Week 13 opponent: Baltimore Ravens (away), Tuesday

If Dak was healthy I genuinely think they’d have at least 5 wins… which would put them in pole position to win the division.

Tier 7

Tank for Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields

30. Cincinnati Bengals (PR: 30)

Record: 2-8-1 | Week 13 opponent: Miami Dolphins (away)

Give all the young players you’re unsure about a chance.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars (PR: 31)

Record: 1-10 | Week 13 opponent: Minnesota Vikings (away)

Good thing the people of London aren’t watching this live.

32. New York Jets (0-11)

Record: 0-11 | Week 13 opponent: Las Vegas Raiders (home)

Has Adam Gase been fired yet?

Credit to top image goes to CBS Sports

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